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The Truth behind Fruit and Pollen...
No it's not, it's an inflamed plant ovary with baby plants inside of it. That's not just pollen on those anthers, that's plant sperm. We're well into spring, and I haven (More)
oOoOoO Black Hole OoOoOo
This isn't really a conspiracy theory, but have you seen the photo of the gorgeous black hole that was released recently? The Event Horizon Telescope created the image by using images fr (More)
About Super Foods
Super foods are foods that are loaded with nutrition. Super foods are usually plant based or fish. These foods have a lot of antioxidants which are good to fight off cancer, healthy fats, and fiber.  There is some controversy and criticism against su (More)
The M̶̘͇̖͆̀̒̀̀́̒͋̽̑̕̕̕͝͝ulẗ̵̟̞͎̘́̑̑̓͐͛̍̀̒̈́̈́́̈̚͜ive̸̢̟̺͉̠̹̠͔̺͙̥̓̇͛̀̑̾͘͜ͅr̸̨̹͔̲͚̱̠̬͎̣̀̃̈́̾̓̊̔̔͜ͅse̸̠͕͈̬̠͊͘͝
Did you know that it is very likely that you live in a parallel universe? I mean, why couldn't it be possible. The universe is infinite, so it would be likely that there is another universe that is a duplicate of ours. Here are some theories that wou (More)
Have you ever thought about living forever? Isn't it exciting, but at the same time scary to think about. Besides tales and fictional stories like the ones about the Fountain of Youth, there are scientists working on finding ways to make us immortal. (More)
One Strange Thing Our Body Does
You've probably heard the joke where someone asks," Hey, if you cut your leg off, would you feel pain?"  This sounds like a dumb question, because it is.  You would be like, "Well of course you would, idiot."  Your friend would say, "But where do you (More)
Oxygen? More Like Toxi(c)-gen
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the information used in this blog. The links to the websites are inserted in the post. Have you ever wondered if oxygen has been slowly killing every human since birth? Well, I have some evidence here that will real (More)
Featured Ephly Reports
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Ephly Reports: Europhemer 156
Europhemer 156 Day 553.956   Tripareph 1  |  Europhor 7.946  |  07:56:46  |  7:56 E.A.M. Just woke up to another day on Europa… things are starting to get really boring around here.  We haven’t found anything worthwhile in the past ele (More)
We went to fair . We saw people get upset. We saw others get  happy. Overall, we were all happy for one another. At the end, we were all there for one another,  even though some of us did win and others did. I am happy to have friends like them! (More)