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First Snow, First Man
The title really just gives it away. Today it was snowing all day and my dad and I built my first snowman in my life. Granted that is not a long time, neither was it really good in my opinion. Larry, our snowman had a huge gumdrop like shape base an (More)
Whyyyyy Meeeeeee!!!
We should have been out of school today. It is around twelve o’clock  and we are literally watching hail and sleet fall right in front of our eyes And then freezing on the ground instantly. I mean if anything we should have had a two hour delay!!! (More)
What A Day!!!
Yesterday, my family had some free time as well as my cousins. So we met up around three o’clock to explore the zoo down in washington DC! My family got to the zoo around one thirty and explored the parts of the zoo that my little one year old cousi (More)
Bracket Buster
What the heck is happening??? First of all a number one seed VIRGINIA loses to a number sixteen seed UMBC. Probably losing the entire north east conference for most people. Then later number two N. CAROLINA loses to number seven TEXAS A&M. Which (More)
Happy St. Patricks Day!!!
Happy St. Patrick's day!!! Hope whoever is reading this is wearing green today or else you’ll get pinched!!! Just be glad that this is the month of luck so someone might not notice!! Wishing who ever is reading this The Luck Of The Irish!!! (More)
Who Are YOU Going To Pinch?
Who do YOU think you will pinch tomorrow. What is that?  You DON’T KNOW WHAT TOMORROW IS?!?! It is the day of luck, the day three days after pi day, the Day of the great Saint Patrick, The day of four leaf clovers? It is st. Patrick's Day! You now kn (More)
Hello Again! Now What IS That?!?!
Around six o’clock pm my owner spent forever in the bathroom. He finally came out in agony. A red liquid substance was also dripling, oozing out of what I think on a human is called a mouth?!?! Oh by the way if you remember me I’m my owner’s turtle, (More)
What is YOUR 17?!?!
Wait what? Apparently they had a walk out today for the seven-teen people that died in florida. Today my friends and I got seventeen people to sit at the middle tables of the cafeteria. Much better than the walk out, which would have gotten you: A c (More)
The Opposite Of YAY!
Uuuggghhh! It wasn’t that cold out today, but my parents forced me to wear the heaviest shirt I even have in my closet. If I had my choice, I would have been wearing a nice little T-shirt with my classroom jacket and my shell jacket, but noooo! I ha (More)
I'm Completely And Utterly TIRED!!!
I’m so incredibly, completely, and utterly TIRED!!! I technically woke up at five fifty-five! Because of the Daylight savings time change were we lose an hour. Which I think is useless because it was pretty much only used for farming. So now it is p (More)
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