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Back Again!!!
I just got back from my grandparents house for spring break after about a four hour car trip. Also, you probably will not believe this, but today is the last day of the blogging slice of life challenge! Yes, finally, it really is the end! I will stil (More)
A Rainy Day
Rain oh, Rain Such beautiful rain Floats through the air As if it was on a choo-choo train Away up in the skies Birds start to glide Though water flies Let everywhere have puddles Kids splash around Then come in for cuddles Perfect for ra (More)
What To Do?
I have been staying at my grandparents house for the spring break and I have almost nothing to do. Mainly because it has been raining or it has been sup (More)
Being tired is tiring It is not really something to be admiring After running a day in the woods, After a day of buying goods I have had an exhausting day Doing my blog I lay After what seems to be years of play So tired I am already half asle (More)
The "Fun" Challenge... ( Read this outloud as fast as posible)
Fun Fun is a ton of fun! Fun is a ton of fun if you’re out in the sun Fun is a ton of fun if you’re out in the sun going for a run Fun is a ton of fun if you’re out in the sun going for a run while having fun Fun is a ton of fun if you’re out in (More)
Clouds in the sky Makes the sky want to cry Bulky clouds Make make horrific sounds Clouds of good weather Look just like a feather Clouds of flat May frighten a cat If lightning breaks out One who is hit might let out a shout!!! Today not (More)
Towels Towels of green Towles of thick seem Towels of red So soft they seem of laying instead of sheats on my bed Towels of yellow Could wrap up the largest fellow Towels Oh Towels Towels Towels of cheap With Possibilities of puttin (More)
What IS This To You
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (                       What IS This To You??? ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )                        Rapids??? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (                          Water Fall??? ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )                          (More)
This is a poem of randomness Pandas not in zoos left pandaless Huge T-shirts not being worn Ugly Origami being torn Once again this is the poem of Yay Random Young youth looking Handsome This is the poem of super random!   This is a poem (More)
Out Again!?
Somehow we got today off of school even though there is like no snow on the streets. There is a good thing though. If you read yesterday's blog post you would know about Larry. Well the good news is that he is just as big as when we built him. Larry (More)
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