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Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour
Nina LaCour is coming to Freedom in May so I decided to read one of her books.  Everything Leads to You is a LGBT romance novel with mystery thrown in.  The book centers around Emi, who is a LA aspiring production designer.  While searching for p (More)
Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
It is difficult to live in a world where everything can kill you.  Madeline (Maddy) Whittier is a seventeen year girl who has SCID, also known as "bubble boy" disease.  She is isolated in her home from the outside world, but everything changes when a (More)
29 Dates by Melissa de la Cruz
29 Dates is a fun and lighthearted read.  Jisu's parents want her get good grades, get into a great college, and find a good boyfriend from a good family so that she can have a good future.  Thus, they ship her off to a private school in San Francisc (More)
Book Chat Tuesday: New MackinVia Story Collections
Book Chat Thursday: I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver
Riverdale The other day someone asked me what I recommend on Netflix, and I couldn't really think of anything except the show I'm watching currently (NCIS). But then I got to thinking what my all time favorite show is. Without hesitation I knew th (More)
Imposters I ask myself this question way to often, "What should I watch now?". And often find myself looking through hundreds of Tv shows and movies. Im gonna give you a little tip to help with this problem. So what you are going to do is simple, (More)
Sierra Burgess is a loser
I watched this movie a week ago i think and i gotta say i actually liked it. To be honest, i thought i wasnt going to like it by looking at the trailer. I actually listen a song that in this movie that the main character sang like a year ago and i ju (More)
Just Friends
This Netflix movie is about a once-portly nice guy comes home for the holidays and reunites with his former crush in high school that he still has feeling for. This movie is funny and romantic and is always a crowd pleaser because of its comedy. I wo (More)
Last Summer
This movie is new to Netflix and is about High School graduates who struggle with love and friendship during their final Summer together before college. This movie stars Maia Mitchell and KJ Apa as the star characters. This movie is really good becau (More)
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