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Artwork #3 - Reflection
Before I had started this project I had decided that I wanted to move towards a more illustrative/playful  direction, something I feel I usually tend to stray from.. I wanted to push myself to try something new and along the way I was aiming to get m (More)
Reflection of Artwork #3
This is my third artwork and I believe it is my most successful piece so far. It is very well thought out and my point is given off very we (More)
Reflecting Back on Artwork #3
For my third piece of the first quarter, I decided to focus on trypophobia (the fear of holes or round patterns). Originally I had planned to have my composition consist (More)
Artwork 1 - It's Actually Done Now
This piece has been something I've been working to rework for a while now. The photo on the left is the original and on the one on the right is the final. The problem with the first pieces was that the background didn't fit the aesthetic of the hands (More)
Artwork #2 - Reflection
Below is my final piece for my second artwork. Overall, I'm really happy with the outcome. By creating this piece I really wanted to showcase the classic idea of "falling down the rabbit hole". The top half is in black and white to represent the huma (More)
Reflecting Back on Artwork #2
Reflection Artwork #1
My first artwork was completed but I feel that I could've pushed the shadows more and I could've created more of an erie and "memory" feeli (More)
Reflecting Back on Artwork #1