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So, I don't really know if this counts as a Slice of life post but hopefully it does. So, I guess they were doing work on the roof of the school. But randomly d (More)
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What to do if your computer smells like a campfire!
So, you might be asking what should I do if my computer smells like a campfire. You know how you get the cart of computers and they are all super hot when you get them. Well that's what this post is about. Makes sense right? Well anyway if you (More)
Should funner be a word.
Why is funner not a word. I mean there's a definition for it so does that technically make it a word? Well any way WHY IS IT NOT A WORD. It makes total sense to why it should be a word. I mean it even sounds like a real word too. But no, the E (More)
The Carter trust fund!
I AM SO UNORGANIZED!!! But oh well. Also, my English binder is also a mess. Here are some pictures of my binder. Look at your own risk.   Please donate to the Carter trust fund today.   DO IT NOW   My scie (More)
What is Fortnite???
What is Fortnite someone please tell me. I HAVE NO IDEaA WHAT^YJFKA IST IS UGHG%$IPJERKdfhukej. Everyone has it and they keep saying that "OMG I HAVE FOR (More)
Does Clickbait Work??