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Rana Magzoub: A look into her international life
Junior Rana Magzoub was born in Saudi Arabia, before making the move to Sudan, where she lived for 15 years. With Arabic being her first language, Magzoub had to adjust when she moved again to America in 2018 with her family, including her older sist (More)
Monarch Shows his Stripes
Pranay Goswami looks at camera while filming a music video. "“I always wanted to become a (More)
600 Chickens
              “You wouldn’t expect that coming from him, but it’s like a whole secret identity that he has.”Photo (More)
Quarterback, Star Student, And FCA member
“There's no question Brian is a hard worker. He’s in the weight room every day, working extra after practice and giving his full effort into everything he does, whether it's in the classroom, weight room or football field,” sophomore Josh Hand descri (More)
Inside the justice system: Wrongful Convictions
This goes to the judicial system as a whole. But more specifically to the lawyers and policemen. This will also be shown to my Administrative of Justice teacher over at the Academies of Loudoun. They are the ones who sometimes see these types of case (More)
Readings A06 and A07 Response
Ever since I was in elementary school, I have always been taught that anything we write should have variation because it makes us sound as though we are stronger writers. However, when I got older, I was taught to use repetition to make my writings s (More)
Why are people the way they are? Why do certain people come in to our life? Why do things sometimes not work out the way we want? These are questions that have been flowing through my head today. Sometimes I don't understand why things are the way (More)
Being a Sports Fan
In all honesty, being a sports fan, no matter the team or sport, has its ups and downs.  Everything from heartbreak to glory can occur but being a fan can be tiring and mentally exhausting. There is nothing but excitement for your team when a new (More)
Hershey and Starbursts
Both Hershey Kisses and Starbursts have similarities but one that stood out to me the most was their size.  Both are tiny and do not take up a lot of space.  The size of these candies makes it very easy for the candy to be consumed.  The small size p (More)
A Natural High
One of my favorite activities to do is go to the gym and get a tough workout in. I am a member at the LA Fitness in Leesburg, and I try to go there as much as possible. The gym is dangerous for me. If I do not control myself or plan my workout ahe (More)
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