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Impact from Fluent Forever
Honestly, I wish I picked a different book other than Fluent Forever. I am stressed over the fact that I have to learn a second language in a few weeks, not fluently of course. Nevertheless, the whole ordeal is a lot of work. Moreover, throughout the (More)
My journey (1 week in)
In the book Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner he states that pronunciation is the first step that we should take when learning a new langauge. Which is partially true for me to learn mandarin chinese, in which I still have some of the pronunciation alr (More)
Anecdote Post
I have been trying to figure out how to operate FL Studios. It is a software which helps people to make beats or remixes of music. Everything is super complicated, and the functions of the software are extremely confusing. Jiang says, "Switch up, Don (More)
Rejection Proof 20%
Personally, I like the author because of his way of speaking and writing. He seems very  “down to earth,” not thinking too much of himself as an author, and more of just a normal person telling a story that he feels needs to be shared. I also like th (More)
I honestly feel like that the author is great at explaining about how to immerse yourself in any language, but I feel like that the author is trying to sell something besides the book that he’s already sold us. The start of the book kinda starts out (More)
Journal Entry - 20% Fluent Forever
I don’t mind the narrator, he is informative and kind of funny. However, I find that he continues to try and sell his other products throughout the book. He states that one can’t efficiently learn a language without these other expensive tools he pro (More)
History of Rejection
I think the narrator is perfect for this type of book. The narrator is a person who was originally from China, which is extremely strict on education and what the children's jobs will be when they grow up. He moved to America after a little bit to g (More)
The first fifth of "Barking Up the Wrong Tree"
“Barking Up The Wrong Tree” provides an alternative view of thinking to a number of social norms.  The narrator’s comments on how gangs are created by crime, and not the other way around, or how pirates were more fair and democratic than the Royal Na (More)