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Blogging Challenge- Week Eight
Hey everybody! Emma here, for the eighth and final week of the 2019 Student Blogging challenge. So (More)
I Hate Bob the Builder.
Guys Bob the Builder is terrible. Bob from Bob the Builder is known to have a group of some type of extraterrestrial beings that happen to look like construction machinery. However, throughout the series, he is seen to be abusing and forcing (More)
My Take On Shrek 2
I just finished watching Shrek 2 and I have to say it’s a cinematic masterpiece. The plot begins with Fiona convincing Shrek to visit her parents in Far Far Away. Fiona wants to get her parents' blessing for their marriage. Shrek's father in law, (More)
Raid Shadow Legends
I wanted to talk about Raid Shadow Legends, my new favorite mobile games, and one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2019 that's totally free! Based on app store statistics almost 10 million users have joined Raid over the last six months, a (More)
A Lemon.
What I can see from my first impression of the lemon is that it looks full of juice. There are sparkles where the light reflects off of the juice. It looks tasty from a (More)
A rating of All American Boys
All American Boys Realistic Fiction 310 pages Published in 2015 By Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely Picture Courtesy of Goodreads This book is the story between a witness that is white and a victim that is black. A boy named Rashad is be (More)
I know The Silly Sancturary doesn’t post anymore but in real life he made story’s of people who are bad at games. At first I thought it was insulting but his stories are super exadurated. Like how they have so little skill that it doesn’t even mater (More)
Today is Christmas at 9:47 PM. It was an exciting day. First, I woke up, my parents were asleep. On Christmas they sleep until one so we have to play Fortnite or something while we wait for them. I played Terraria, I don’t know if I told you this in (More)
Blogs are hard.
I had a really good idea. I could make a cool challenge based of the bushes of fortnite. (This picture is very old) I failed. (More)
Long time, no see! My blog was being as doo doo as physically possible so I wasn’t able to post. Now everyone who used to be a daily viewer is now well, not. So this post is absolutely everything that happened since last post. Wow, I WAS TOLD TO SEAR (More)
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