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2020 !!
Hello !! I’m back and planning to be a lot more active here (probably not, but I’ll try). Today in Communications Class, we did a little activity to learn more things about our classmates. We just asked little questions, like what their favorite song (More)
Week 7 Holiday and Festivities.
Hello. You look marvelous today. 🙂 My name is Brie and the Holidays are just around the corner and I decided to write about a holiday I celebrate with my family called Independence Day of Peru.  July 28 in each year commemorates the day that Peru (More)
First Blog Post of 2020
Today was the first school day of the decade and let’s just say I learned a lot about my communications class. One of my classmates Gabe I already knew, well I wouldn’t say I knew him well but well I knew some stuff about him that most people in this (More)
Blogging Challenge- Week Eight
Hey everybody! Emma here, for the eighth and final week of the 2019 Student Blogging challenge. So (More)
My Student Blogging Challenge Reflection
 Greetings, my commenting-crowd and my blogging-buddies! My posting-people and my rad-readers! It has been a stimulating nine posts. Posts sharing my interests such (More)
Can You Guess the Disney Movie by the Emojis?
 Hello, my party-people and resolution-writers! My new-year-nerds and my confetti-community! Nature nerd here. Some say the new decade starts this year and some say it starts in 2021. Whichever you believe, I hope your New Year was filled with sparkl (More)
Sword and Shield Grookey critique!
 Hey folks,  Today I'll be talking about Pokemon starters and my opinion on them, but now the spotlight goes to Grookey! I’ll be doing the other starters on some other day! If you want me to do the other ones early, just leave a comment! More)
A to Z: My most stupid injury!
         I’m adventurous. I live on the edge, but that can be dangerous. If there is one exciting story that sums me up fantastically. It is this one. (More)
Christmas Overload!
Ho ho hello! I’m excited to be talking about my favorite holiday, Christmas! This post is going to be all about the 25th of December, so buckle up! There’s snow  telling what’s in store!    (More)
Rising Dawn
Hello folks, Risad here! Today I wrote a story about survivor living in a post apocalyptic time. He questions ethics and morales of why does (More)
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