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My music!
Loading… Hello Folks For the week five blogging challenge. I will be showing you my music taste Rock,pop,jazz, Japanese, hindi, indie, soundtrack, oldies, musical, a little bit of metal…, and electric/EDM/Techno. I don’t know the difference (More)
marching band experience !!
     Y’all remember my post about marching band, right? I mean, I posted it a few days ago. I’d hope your memory isn’t so bad that you’ve already forgotten it. Or maybe you didn’t see it. If not, then you should totally go check it out after you read (More)
Broadway Musical Songs Quiz: Finish the Lyrics!
Hello, my fellow theatre geeks! Nature Nerd here. Music is great. It can make you feel happy, sad, excited, like you want to dance, goofy, or like you feel like smashing all the furniture in your room. But please don’t do that. Plato once said that, (More)
Blogging Challenge- Week Five
Hey everyone! Emma here, back for week 5 of the Student Blogging Challenge! This week’s theme is music, and like the Broadway nerd I am, I (More)
Blogging Challenge- Week Four
Hello everyone! Emma here! It's crazy we're already in week 4 of the Student Blogging Challenge. This weeks theme is free choice, and me, as the Hamilton fan I am, decided to make a Hamilton quiz. If you know Hamilton characters and lyrics, you'll do (More)
Rising Dawn
     As the stars descended upon the bright morning sky, a new day began. The air was as dry and cold as ever. The soil was sandy and scorched by t (More)
Blogging Challenge- Week Three
Hello everyone! It’s Emma, back for week three of the Student Blogging Challenge! The challenge for this week is Fun with Photos. I decided to post one of my drawings. The drawing I used was originally for day 7 of Inktober this year (click More)
Update on the Sun Conure! His name is Panda ._.
Hello wonderful hoomans! Update for my sun conure. Currently, his cage is finished, and he has everything he needs as far being a birb goes. We also got Panda something called a "mineral cake" which helps Panda file down his nails, beak, and gives hi (More)
A-Z: Crazy Childhood Story
A-Z: Crazy Childhood Story A crazy story from my weird childhood. Hello there, fellow humans. I have one amazing story to tell you. I barely remember it, but it’s be (More)
Halloween: How to get the most candy while Trick-or-Treating!
 Hello everyone! Nature Nerd here. Halloween is TODAY! I am busy preparing to trick or treat. I have my costume, my trick-or-treat bag, but most of all, a strategy. A strategy is vital if you want to get the most candy. If you don’t have a strategy, (More)
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