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This is the poem of seven Not ten, eleven But seven Why, the number seven is a given And without seven it would be a short life o’ livin Seven, oh seven your legacy lives on in heaven Seven is seven and that is all we need it to be Seven, oh s (More)
Grapes :-{)
Grapes, the center root Why, they even are the bestest fruit Which makes an unbelievable snack You could almost say that it’s the best life hack So just plop one in your mouth And you’ll feel like if in florida, Starting to go south When th (More)
Strawberry :{)
Strawberry, you make me feel so welcome Why, you get rid of all of today’s seldom With all of your sweet juice filled with yum Nothing can compete with you, Not even watermelon gum And with your tiny little seeds You could fill everyone's needs (More)
Cherries a generous bright red Can not stop filling my starving hungry head With your stem of green Could boost anyone’s self esteem Cherry you are so juicy You could meet the standards of my Aunt Lucy* With your solid seed in the middle Why (More)
The Holy... CHICKEN!!!
  Chicken, oh chicken Your ba buck sounds so chickeney I do not know why But you make me feel so rickety You are related to the rooster Though you have no (More)
Pointless (Just like broken pencils!) Overly enjoyable! Exceptionally rhythmic! The opposite of joy! Random! Yet to be mastered! (More)
Pickles Of The World!
Pickles of sweet And dill petite With bread and butter Make a quite tasty dinner treat From Gherkin to Poland To Kosher dill, they will head to romania Then maybe (More)
  Right now I’m starving I’m starting to think that it is harming I can feel my stomach growing thin My stomach is hurting Quick, get a bin Soon it will be lunch It will feel like an hour Yes, that is a hunch Unfortunately I had to skip (More)
I am sitting in Darkness In lights of dim In lights of flimsy film The low lights in great grim Here doing my blog I sit Outside is rain Perfect to sleep a bit! Still few comments on my blog Just makes me want to sog So still here I lay Ju (More)
The Start Of A New Challenge
The start of a new start Is about to take part Tis the month of poetry Also the month of flowetry For a new challenge has arisen I must complete it That is a given (More)
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