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I Wish I Could Be Eating
I wish I could Be eating right now Right now, fill me up, I don’t know how I am really craving my dad’s pasta mix Maybe stomach wouldn’t settle for that fix At the end of dinner I probably will still be hungry What! Before things get funky (More)
Da Majical Candy Pt.2
Except That is a lie This couldn’t even beat pie Just shut up,  goodBye We have won It is 2 against 1 Oh NO NO NO We are not done Just stop arguing, Or We will torture you and have some fun! If we win, you get a pun If you win, we will eat (More)
I am really, Really Hungry I think my dad is making pasta I am still really hungry (More)
Math Homework
I have math to do I have to do area and perimeter Math to do for homework (More)
My lost pouch, My new box
I just realized that I don’t have a pencil Pouch Instead I have new box that yesterday was on the couch I lost it about a quarter into the school year Good thing I found this box to carry all my gear My Pouch only had one zipper And a clear cover (More)
##<- (Numbers)
Numbers of 1 and 2 Numbers of 10 to 20, Eventually 30 Numbers known around the world (More)
What I am Staring At
I am staring at popcorn I am staring Directly at veggie Straws I’m starting at a bin (More)
Help me, I feel dead I Feel like I will fall asleep Help me, this’ as said (More)
The Haiku Of Legends
I am the amazing Haiku No Haiku could ever stand against me For I’m the legendary Haiku (More)
Da Majical Candy
They are the best to eat Why, they are one of the greatest treats It will make you want to smell a unicorn’s feet For, the heck of a treat will overcome any defeat Finding one of them will be the greatest feat Even dogs will start chasing for th (More)
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