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Fortnite. The best game to play. If I had time I could play all day. I could play it for hours. I will hopefully conquer Tilted Towers.   Fortnite. I go to Greasy Grove all the time. I think I am always committing a crime (More)
Books and Video Games Diamonte
                  Books                       Fun, Enjoyable                                                                                                            Reading, Writing, Enjoying Paperback, Pages, Controller, Console Playing, (More)
Supply Drops, Llamas, and Vending Machines!
This post will not be in poem form and will not count towards the poetry challenge. In Fortnite there is a lot of ways to get loot. You might open chests and pick up that loot, pick up loot from someone you or another person killed, or just find it o (More)
Are The Pelicans Going To Sweep The Trail Blazers?
Pelicans are here. They are here to make a name. They came to destroy.   They might sweep, Blazers. Where is your playoff spirit? You were in the news.   Come on Trail Blazers. You were knocking on their door T (More)
First Win For The Cavaliers In The Playoffs!
Yesterday they won. Their first win in the playoffs. LeBron led them all.   The scoreboard was close. The score was sixteen to one. In the beginning.   James scored the sixteen. LeBron scored all of the sixteen. (More)
How Did This Happen?
How did this happen? The Cavs lost to the Pacers. This is surprising.   The Pacers played well. Victor Oladipo scored. He played very well.   They scored more than them. He put up thirty-two points. They lead t (More)
Playoff Time!
The playoffs are here. It's win it all or go home. The bracket is set.   The teams want to go. The long stretch is over now. Teams, it is go time.   The Cavs have made it. They are ready to go win. I hope they (More)
Cavaliers Beat the Knicks!
This was expected. The Cavaliers did their job. The Knicks were no match.   They did very good. One hundred thirty-two points. They scored that much points.   The rematch is here. They will play them tomorrow. (More)
Cavaliers Beat the Wizards!
Yesterday there was a basketball game. It was really intense. It was between the Cavs and the Wizards. The Cavs did great on offense.   This was a rematch. The Wizards won last time. They upset the Cavaliers. But they wer (More)
Cavs vs Wizards
Today there is a basketball game. I wonder if it it will be the same. The Cavaliers and Wizards are facing off. This a game that might decide the playoffs.   It will be a tight one. Let's see who does better in the long run. (More)
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