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PLaPalooza Reflection
I found today's PLaPalooza very interesting.  The Discovery Education session was very informative.  I learned how to create boards on specific topics math, science and social studies.  Teachers can also search other existing boards to use as well.  (More)
Stahler Feedback
I enjoyed my PL day at HHS.  I was able to chat with other educators about important topics ranging from how to use Google Sites to quickly build my own websites, to the use of digital formative assessments, all the way to how we as teachers can refl (More)
PLaPalooza - Once, Twice, Three times a Presenter
First things first... But it's a good kind of pooped! It was really amazing to be able to present and share ways to formatively assess students in a Personalized Learning environment. The basics of my session(s) were about the different digita (More)
About Bear's Post....
LOVE the idea of PBL in the playlist, that seems like a really unique way to start bringing in more real-world exposure to why we are learning this and places where they can use it as they grow. (More)
PLpalooza - Learning from our colleagues
In reading some of my colleagues slides on this event, I found several slides to have stuck out with things I can use with my students but this is one I found super useful. Bear shared some ideas about playlists and this is what I found useful: offer (More)
Mroz Slides Reflection
We all know student reflection is important, but having relevant and quick ways for students to reflect is awesome!  Lynne posted the emoji reflection pocket organizer in which students could drop popsicle sticks with their names to reflect how they (More)
I can't "WAITS" to try these!
I CAN'T "WAITS" TO TRY: View Pure!  So excited to have a way to clear the clutter and stress from YouTube vids in the classroom and on playlists!  Strips video on YouTube of ads and only allows the selected video to be played. AnswerGarden!  I (More)
PLApalooza Reflection - Whitehead
This professional development experience was helpful in some ways, but a little disappointing in several ways. I found that the SPED Round-table discussion was very useful. I really like being able to speak with other SPED teachers about how we can u (More)
What I will use in my classroom...TOMORROW
Using the colors on a flip chart where students can drag their name to what they have chosen to work on. It seems like such a simple change for accountability....I love the idea of making a slide on a flip chart that lists the different things that t (More)
Reflection on Stahlers Formative Assessing
I love PLICKERS!! I used it with a PE class before and it is super easy to get data. This is also great with younger students in Kindergarten and 1st grade, you can do a whole group together and not risk other students copying answers. (More)
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