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Things I love: food #27
Noodle soup Omelettes Pretzels Quiche Roasted veggies Smoothies Teriyaki chicken Unsalted nuts Vanilla oreos White bread Xmas cookies Yogurt Zucchini (More)
Things I Love: food #26
Apples Berries Candy Danish pastries Eggs Fudge Garlic bread Ham Ice cream Jello Kabobs Lemon pound cake Muffins (More)
Jobs #25
Jobs are fun Jobs give responsibility Jobs make me feel successful Jobs are the key to live Jobs give order Jobs put on pressure Jobs give me worth Jobs make me feel like I fit in Jobs are hard Jobs are easy Jobs are (More)
KIND #24
Complaints #23
  Editing is tough It makes paragraphs rough I'm tired of copy and pasting But they say time's a wastin Grammar is boring Nothing about it alluring Last minute poems stink too But at least those aren’t new (More)
Theodore Roosevelt #22
He was a writer Was a fighter So he won by a landslide Born a sickly child But that didn’t make his ideas mild He helped his good friend To be president Asthma was what his condition was called When Wilson kept out of the war (More)
Missing: Spring #21
Spring, spring Where did you go? Spring, spring Are you lost in the snow? Maybe it's tired Trying to rest its head spring, spring Get out of bed! Spring, spring Filled with flowers Spring spring Has warm rain showers (More)
I wish part 3 #20
I wish I had more money I wish I wasn’t filled with greed I wish I someone that poured things out to me I wish I had someone honest to see I wish, but they’re not out there I wish, but there’s nobody I wish I could disappear somewhe (More)
I wish part 2 #19
I wish I was a normal dude I wish I was a normal gal I wish people didn’t talk about my attitude I wish I had more personality to unvale   I wish less was expected from me I wish people had higher expectations I wish my life (More)
I wish part 1 #18
I wish I was an only child I wish I had some siblings I wish I wasn’t shy and mild I wish I wasn’t loud I’m trying   I wish my parents paid more attention I wish my parents got off my back I wish there was less tension (More)
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