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I wish part 3 #20
I wish I had more money I wish I wasn’t filled with greed I wish I someone that poured things out to me I wish I had someone honest to see I wish, but they’re not out there I wish, but there’s nobody I wish I could disappear somewhe (More)
I wish part 2 #19
I wish I was a normal dude I wish I was a normal gal I wish people didn’t talk about my attitude I wish I had more personality to unvale   I wish less was expected from me I wish people had higher expectations I wish my life (More)
I wish part 1 #18
I wish I was an only child I wish I had some siblings I wish I wasn’t shy and mild I wish I wasn’t loud I’m trying   I wish my parents paid more attention I wish my parents got off my back I wish there was less tension (More)
I’m going on a journey:   I’m going on a journey That will be Full of Ups and downs   I’m going on a journey Trying a new sound   I’m going on a journey New things and Ideas to meet   I’m (More)
Happy heart #14
Small jokes Quick glances Secret smiles Big chances   Pinky promise Fresh start Always honest Happy heart (More)
#12.5 and #13
Untitled   The fragrant smell In life Is the burning essence of time   Clementine   Tapping lonely feet Reaching Glowing Happy smile Yearning (More)
Untitled #12
I close my eyes And count to ten I sit And stand Then start again I walk No, pace And make a face And finally I say “Oh, please oh, please! Don’t make me eat those wretched peas!” (More)
My Found Poem Of Poems #11
Each poem is a masterpiece No matter how Big or how Small   Poetry is like sunshine At the end of a Waterfall Flowing and rippling Seeping from the Soul   A blank canvas Filled with emotions Wit (More)
Lasting memories #10
Blades of grass all die Our feelings of their warmth don’t Memories always last (More)
Come home #9
Trees flowing in the wind I hear it say please come home I believe it whispers (More)
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