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Non-Verbal Communication Reflection
OUT OF MY MIND BY SHARON M. DRAPER ~ Our class completed a non-verbal communication activity. for this we used communication boards we made ourselves in class. During this activity, our class partnered up and used their communication boards to navig (More)
Friendship (OOMM Chapters 11-14)
OUT OF MY MIND BY SHARON M. DRAPER The inclusion program has vastly altered Melody's school career. It has allowed her to actually interact with the classmates that she has simply been observing for years. On the much greater, positive side, Melody (More)
Out of My Mind (Post 4, Friendship)
The inclusion program in "Out of My Mind" removes Melody's protective bubble, exposing her to good, and also bad things.  Her first inclusion class is Music class, where she meets a friend named Rose.  Rose, unlike other kids, spends time with Melody (More)
Out of My Mind (Post 2, Ollie the Fish)
Sharon Draper shows significance of Ollie by focusing on how the fish is trapped in his fish bowl for all all of his life - that is until he jumps out.  The author also shows how Ollie's life mirrors Melody's by describing how he is trapped in his bo (More)
Out of My Mind (Post 1, Chapters 1-4)
The powerful discussion of the power of words and language explains to the reader that Melody is no ordinary child, especially one with her condition.  It also helps seize the reader's attention by showing how she views the world with descriptions th (More)
Out of My Mind (Post 5, Quiz Team)
Melody decides to enter the quiz team competition because she wants to show the world that she can think like any other kid her age.  She also joins the team because she wants to show her disbelievers how smart and clever she is.  Melody must face ob (More)
Quiz Team
After taking the whiz kid test and getting a perfect score Melody decides to try and enter the quiz team competition. Many of her classmates doubted her and/or thought she was cheating when she did this though. Therefore Melody gets determined to pro (More)
Ollie The Fish
Ollie the fish had a very significant role in Melody's life. Ollie's story was a big reflection of how Melody feels and how she lives. The fish was supposedly living a good life with adequate conditions to live in, but after a while Ollie decided to (More)
Melody's Diagnoses
The discussion on the power of words and language is important to the story because the main character, Melody, is unable to express herself using spoken words.  It captures the reader's attention when Melody refers to words a gift and makes you real (More)
Ollie the Fish
Ollie the fish is significant because he connects to Melody.  Ollie jumped out of his own fish bowl, which according to Melody he just swam around the small bowl in circles.  I think Ollie felt trapped and tried to escape.  Just like how Melody feels (More)
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