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Choosing Courses for the 2019 School Year
As the third quarter comes to an end and fourth quarter draws nearer, Freedom High Schools school counselors begin their meetings with students to plan classes for the following year. Going into this time period of course registration, all I have hea (More)
The Benefits of Business Clubs
If someone had asked me in eighth grade what clubs I thought I would be joining in high school, I would have told them I had no idea. I was part of the coding club for a while and bounced in and out of Model U.N. at Lunsford, but I never really saw a (More)
Speaking the Language of Compassion: Nonviolent Communication
Imagine a world in which compassion was the main mode of communication. Everybody would always know how others were feeling, and we would derive satisfaction from our conversations and encounters. This would mean no more feelings of disappointment or (More)
Why being the do-it-all student isn't worth it
With college admissions season slowly approaching, it can be easy to assume that someone who seems to be involved in every club in school is doing the right thing. In my freshmen and sophomore years, I found myself being this person, and it ended up (More)
Advice from a Senior: Course Recommendations for Current Juniors
It is that time of that year again when students have to decide which courses to take for the following academic year. As a senior who has been through this process many times, I can understand just how difficult it is for juniors to develop a balanc (More)
Analyzing Health Care in India
I remember coming home from school after my first day of fifth grade to my mom crying. My 8-year old cousin in India had passed away after a long battle with Crouzon Syndrome. After going through dozens of surgeries right after his birth, doctors onl (More)
Seeking Another Way Of Learning
Today it seems as though our education system is lacking in providing students with consistent real-world learning experiences, despite often having the ability to do so. Students are stuck in this repetitive cycle of cramming for tests, taking the t (More)
If only we had some free time...
I often hear my peers say that they have no time to eat, sleep, or do anything because they have so much homework. And honestly, most days, I am one of these kids. As someone who plays two sports and takes multiple AP classes, I know the feeling of b (More)
Why everyone should know sign language
People always encourage learning foreign languages, whether for traveling, cultural appreciation or just to get a class credit. But why not learn a foreign language that is a little closer to home, like American Sign Language? Millions of people i (More)
Let's stop praising Susan B. Anthony
When most people think of women that changed the course of history, there are some names that always come to mind. Joan of Arc, Virginia Woolf and Susan B. Anthony are popular examples. However, people have a tendency to look past the dark reality of (More)
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