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What makes a good class?
There is sort of a checklist in my mind that creates an enjoyable class for me. The first is the actual course material. While I genuinely enjoy learning, STEM subjects do not appeal to me as much as the social sciences and other writing heavy classe (More)
Pushing your boundaries
Over the past summer, I had the distinct opportunity of attending the Virginia Governor's Spanish Academy. Even after knowing that I had been admitted to this program after a rigorous application process, I still felt very insecure about attending th (More)
Are teens becoming detached from the importance of family?
Teens are beginning to become detached from the importance of family. In the past, family time was very common and seen as a normal outlet for spending your Saturday night. Now, it seems as though spending time with family is considered a waste of ti (More)
So what is with the war on drugs?
From its experience with the Medellin Cartel’s sale of cocaine in cities like Miami and New York City to the introduction of crack in urban environments, the United States is no stranger to drug trafficking. The United States became world renown for (More)
To All the Teachers I've had Before
My time at Freedom High School is coming to an end. I've had the privilege of attaining a great high school education, and I have to believe that is largely due to many of the teachers I've had during my last four years. That being said, I'd like to (More)
This Just In: Chocolate Milk Causes Global Suffering
In a consumerist society where profit is often prioritized over morality, it can be difficult for students to make ethical purchases that align with their beliefs. That’s why it’s important for students to make educated decisions before making everyd (More)
Criminalizing privilege: the college admissions scandal
Surprise, surprise. The wealthy have found a way to turn a system that is already partial towards them into guaranteed chances of admission. What an absolute shocker. I imagine at this point you are aware of the high profile admissions scandal that t (More)
The Case for Studying International Business: Yemeni Civil War
In 2017, the United States decided to sell more than $110 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, including attack missiles and tanks. This deal may seem like a home run for the United States: jobs were created and the economy was stimulated. Moreover (More)
Advantages of spring sports
It is believed that spring sports do not allow for students to be focused enough on school work, but there are more benefits than negatives that are often looked over. The timing of spring sports puts them around the third and fourth quarters that ar (More)
The Struggle of the end of the Quarter
As the quarter comes to an end, Freedom Eagles scramble to take re-takes, make-up late work and attempt to find extra credit work. It seems as if the end of the quarter is a race against time, bringing upon our cue to bring up weeks worth of grades i (More)
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