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Analyzing Health Care in India
I remember coming home from school after my first day of fifth grade to my mom crying. My 8-year old cousin in India had passed away after a long battle with Crouzon Syndrome. After going through dozens of surgeries right after his birth, doctors onl (More)
Seeking Another Way Of Learning
Today it seems as though our education system is lacking in providing students with consistent real-world learning experiences, despite often having the ability to do so. Students are stuck in this repetitive cycle of cramming for tests, taking the t (More)
If only we had some free time...
I often hear my peers say that they have no time to eat, sleep, or do anything because they have so much homework. And honestly, most days, I am one of these kids. As someone who plays two sports and takes multiple AP classes, I know the feeling of b (More)
Why everyone should know sign language
People always encourage learning foreign languages, whether for traveling, cultural appreciation or just to get a class credit. But why not learn a foreign language that is a little closer to home, like American Sign Language? Millions of people i (More)
Let's stop praising Susan B. Anthony
When most people think of women that changed the course of history, there are some names that always come to mind. Joan of Arc, Virginia Woolf and Susan B. Anthony are popular examples. However, people have a tendency to look past the dark reality of (More)
Should we boycott Kanye West's next album?
First off, I will admit that I listened to "ye" and "Kids See Ghosts," and thoroughly enjoyed both projects. At the time, Kanye’s antics didn’t deter me from listening to the album; he had a right to express himself freely, even if his opinions were (More)
A voice for the vertically challenged
I look up to everyone -- family, friends, neighbors, teachers, sixth graders, standing dogs, most indoor trees. Not that I don’t respect and admire all individuals (and objects), but it’s not like I have much of a choice.With my father at 5’11’’ and (More)
You're in for a "fearful" night at Fields of Fear!
Fields of Fear is one of the main events of the fall season that I look forward to. Fields of Fear takes place at Cox Farms at night. It's place you can go to get scared and have a fun time with friends. Cox Farms puts on the month-long event during (More)
Should affirmative action still exist?
Affirmative action has long been a divisive issue, so let me spare both of us some time by not going through its history. The root of the issue that has sparked debate lies in the idea that less qualified (minority) students are being accepted into e (More)
Why Roger hates Google Docs
I found this musing in a very old memo I had written circa 2014- but I think it is still apropos   Why does Roger hate Google Docs? Once upon a time, the TRT village was a cohesive place, with clear rules and expectations.  It has becom (More)
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