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Current Media Shapes Our Future
Through social media and pop culture, various TV shows and movies have gained popularity among teenage groups, including the students at FHS. Many of these shows portray a specific occupation as the basis of the plot line such as "Grey’s Anatomy," "C (More)
If You Can't Bear the Thought of Losing Koalas, Here's What to Do
More than one billion animals have been killed by the Australian fires. While mild, natural bushfires in Australia are familiar to the nation's diverse group of wildlife, Australia has never seen fires at this large of a scale or this early in the (More)
"Frozen 2" Review: Let it Go or Dive Into the Unknown?
Spoiler Warning: This article contains minor spoilers. Mysterious voices, hidden forests and elemental spirits teased a more-than-ready family friendly audience for "Frozen 2." In addition, seven new songs were added to this wintry franchise. The (More)
Volunteer Hour Requirement Does Not Encompass Intristic Reason for Service
Being well rounded is the one of many goals high school students push to achieve in order to pursue their dreams of getting into college. Feeling the need to take part in extracurriculars, sports, AP classes and various other commitments including co (More)
The Need for Everyday Diplomacy
It is where Model UN delegates rise and fall: the unmoderated caucus. Some delegates cut off others to get a point in in front of the judge, while others choose to run quieter operations as they pick off others to form a smaller group. Some delegates (More)
A Higher GPA at the Cost of Creativity
From culinary arts to ceramics, the opportunities are endless at Freedom. But the restricting and pressuring society of Northern Virginia keeps students like me from enrolling in them. Transitioning from the structured middle school schedules to the (More)
Are We Too Busy for Dinner Anymore?
The typical picture of a perfect American family normally includes the traditional white picket fence life, including hard working parents, siblings who never fight, and a sit-down family dinner in the evening where everyone discusses their day. This (More)
College Board Exploits Students
College Board: the bane of every high schoolers existence. We think we need it, but we know we hate it. College Board tests are pretty much mandatory for anyone who wants to go to college, which results in people ignoring the issues. If someone has a (More)
Is Public Schooling Truly Free?
As the school year begins, there are many opportunities that students are encouraged to be involved in. Although, sports, clubs and organizations all come with an additional cost. Attempting to be involved, I signed up for various activities but w (More)
What makes a good class?
There is sort of a checklist in my mind that creates an enjoyable class for me. The first is the actual course material. While I genuinely enjoy learning, STEM subjects do not appeal to me as much as the social sciences and other writing heavy classe (More)
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