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VSCO is an app that allows anyone to express themself through images. Many professionals and teens from all around the country are using VSCO to enhance the appearance of an image. The pictures can have captions and they are open to be seen by the pu (More)
Walking in a random direction and seeing where I go
Over break I went on a lot of bike rides and walks to fight boredom and not get super out of shape. I was going on a bike ride with my friend and we stopped at a playground and walked around for a little, but after a while I suggested that we should (More)
You Are Getting Chased By A Bear
If you're getting chased by a bear you probably did something to piss it off and you're screwed.  There isn't a whole lot you can do.  It's more or less a common rule in life, to not pick on someone that's bigger than you especially if it's a 600 lb, (More)
Prague is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic. Prague is a breathtaking city with amazing things to offer such as beautiful architecture, food,  and nature. While in Prague you must try some of the traditional Czech food. The sviko (More)
Palawan, Philippines
For the first time in almost ten years, my family had decided to take the 35+ hour trip to the Philippines. In order to reach our final destination we had gone through six airports, five time changes, and four different countries (and plenty of layov (More)
Iceland is located on the North Atlantic Ocean, has a population of 332,529, making it the most low populated country in Europe. The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik, which combined with its surrounding areas holds over two thirds of the population.  (More)
Yangshuo, China
Yangshuo, China This photo was taken on the Yulong River, which flows from Guilin to Yangshuo. Bamboo rafting is a the best way to take in the scenery. While on (More)
Bolinas, California
This past summer my family had decided to cut our two week trip to the Philippines short (an adventure yet to be explained) and fly on over to California for a few days. Fortunately this ended up being a refreshing decision despite the struggle to ad (More)
When I was younger I would  always disappear into the woods behind my house for hours on end. The small journeys into the woods every da (More)
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