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St.Patrick's Day!
St.Patrick's Day is cool. It is a day where you are supposed to wear green. Green is my favorite color. I wear green all the time. I have a neon green sweatshirt on all the time so no one can pinch me for not wearing green. I like the stories of lepr (More)
Fire Drill
Today we had a fire drill. Fire drills are annoying in the first place but I understand why we do it. Obviously we had to do it during P.E. when it was our first day back from Health class. We were playing badminton and it was kind of fun with my tea (More)
Breakout Game!
Today during my History class we went to the library to play a game. We were learning about why the American colonists won the Revolutionary War. Today we learned about the Culver Spy group that Washington used to gather battle strategies and informa (More)
Black Panther!
Over the weekend I watched Black Panther with my best friend. It was an amazing movie with suspense. There was a lot of fighting in it and a lot of action. The tech that they had was out of this world. The fact that they have this special blue line i (More)
What's That Sound?
Yesterday I heard this very loud sound when I was walking towards my bus stop. It was like I was in a room with a band playing as loud as they could. I thought it was a plane or a jet but I couldn't see it. That's is when I saw it. A blue and grey he (More)
I assembled this
Copy of Classroom Slice   This might be a very bori (More)
New Car!
March Madness is coming!
If you don't know what March Madness is it is just what people call the NCAA playoffs. Is your favorite college team going to win? I am definitely doing a bracket. I did a bracket last year. Let us just say I have no NCAA knowledge. Please don't roas (More)
Brother's Birthday
We celebrated with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake and had pizza. Some of our cousins also came over to celebrate. (More)
The Wind is Real!
IMG_2909-1q4ly2e Are the trees dancing or hanging on for dear life? I can't tell. Today I have no school but it is because of a weird reason. Is it a national ho (More)
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