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year of lasts
As the dreaded (or desired!) May 1st deadline quickly approaches for many seniors who are preparing to commit to colleges next year, my status as a senior has definitely been more apparent wherever I go. After a short nostalgic conversation with my c (More)
it's a passion for a reason
Being on an actual dance team for four years now, there were so many times during practice where I felt like giving up. So many times where I thought, "If dance isn't something I want to pursue as a career in the future, why am I doing this at all? W (More)
Lately, I've been reflecting a LOT on how I have grown both as a dancer and as a person. I find that being a senior, I tend to contemplate the way I live my life more often than not because I'm suddenly being pushed to go out into this big adult worl (More)
And So It Begins.
Yet, I'm not sure I know exactly how to begin. Bienvenue, my name is Madee and I am incredibly indecisive. Allow me to divulge: Music Film Art Fash (More)
hey, hey!
My name's Sofia, and welcome to my blog! This will probably serve as an outlet to express all the love that I have for dancing, and all of the meaningful experiences that come with being a part of a dance team. Come join me on my endeavors through se (More)
My Future Plans
As many of you know, my road here at LCPS is coming to the end.  Well, more accurately, it comes to an intersection - what will Roger's plans be after LCPS?   (More)
Passing of time
A hero of my past has died. Not unexpectedly, and surrounded by family and friends. But still, fills my heart with tears as my spirit goes with him. The passing of 'childhood' heroes, whether they be political, entertainment, whatever, reminds us (More)