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Scary Bunny *WARNING*
The scary red eye bunny from Minecraft has spawned in real life as a monster!! As most of you may or may not know the bunnies on minecraft are really cute, except for the one with red eyes.... More)
NIGHTMARE: what parents sacrifice
    I'm always aware of how much my parents do for me, and how much of their lives they give up to make their children happier and healthier. I guess this awareness manifests itself in my dreams. My existence and purpose in thi (More)
Bird Box- The Movie that Went Viral
Bird Box has taken the internet by storm these past couple of weeks.  I've seen mentions of it from my Instagram feed to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show so naturally I felt inclined to check it out over Winter Break. Summary-  Bird Box is a story a (More)
3 Horror Movie Recommendations
*Side Note* All of the movies listed here are on Netflix The Ritual The Ritual follows 4 friends who take a shortcut through the woods while on a hiking trip through Sweden. The friends run into many paranormal troubles on their way to es (More)
NIGHTMARE: baba's ghosts DREAM DATE: 11/25/18 {NIGHTMARE} I had never been more sad that the (More)
NIGHTMARE: everybody's dead NIGHTMARE DATE: November 5th, 2018. All the residents of (More)
If guys are into horror movies, then these movies are the one for you! Charles Lee Ray was shot by a Detective name Mike Norris in a toy store because Ray was robbing a bank. Just when he was about to die, he used black magic and put his own soul int (More)
Welcome to my blog Get Spooked. Here you can read about all things supernatural, so if you are a fan of horror movies and are generally a cool person, you are at the right place!!!!!! More)
The Nest Book Review
Horror - 244 pages - Published 2015 The Nest by Kenneth Oppel is a somewhat strange novel focusing on a middle-grade boy named Steven who has anxiety issues. His family is struggling with the stress of a sick baby who has a heart condition among o (More)