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NCIS  The Show NCIS was always a show my parents would watch, that I never really paid attention to. But then it got uploaded on Netflix and I found myself in the "I have nothing to watch" position and decided to give it a chance. The show kept me (More)
BLOG SUGGESTIONS? +the alchemist
Hey guys so I have been at a block of ides so in the comments suggest things that you would like to see me blog about  (I will even shout u out if u do~) also I have been behind on blogs again while reading the alchemist which is kinda scary ca (More)
The Creepy Story of Cocoa Beach's Glass Bank
The Glass Bank was an architectural masterpiece of Cocoa Beach in the 1960's. It had a sleek open design with windows surrounding the structure. It was located near NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center so the sky room at the top was used to see rocket (More)
shout out Kate! (author of GETS SPOOKED)
I'm not used to seeing other dream diary entries on our blog sites, so I was super excited when I saw that this amazing blogger posted he (More)
Sabrina (Final Movie)
Sabrina, the last movie of the 2 previous doll movies. Same language and everything but plot is different. In the beginning there was a mother and daughter, the mother got murdered so the daughter had to live with the aunt and uncle. The daughter, Va (More)
Update: I Am Now Caught Up on My Blog Posts
Hey guys, I finally caught up on my blog posts! :))) this is in response to my previous blog. Now, enjoy these scary photos. More)
Here is a list of horror movies on Netflix that I would skip. Other people may happen to like these movies, but I am sharing my opinion on what I think about them.  I may soon review other horror movies on other platforms such as Hulu and Amazon vide (More)
This blog post is in collaboration with Munch Munch click link here Much Much and I both created a meal to offer to the Mesopotamian spirits who dwell in the woods near us. Much (More)
The Scary Story Behind the Go Stupid Go Crazy Babies :0
The go stupid go crazy babies are widely known celebrities to all. However, many don't know the horrifying and sad story behind these babies. More)
The Village Review 🙁
Hey guys, recently I watched a horror movie on Netflix called "The Village". This movie was about a small town of people who lived like pilgrims. The people in the movie were not able to leave the town because there were stories of monsters living in (More)
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