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Destiny 2: Black Armoury
Black Armoury Overview On Tuesday, December 4th Destiny released a new type of DLC content called the Annual Pass.  The Annual Pass allows players to unlock exclusive content on top of the new content provided each season.  But, the content provid (More)
My Top 5 Favorite Games/ Game Franchises
This list was made in no particular order and I by no means am saying that these are the best Games/ Game Franchises these are just some games that I personally enjoyed and currently enjoy a lot. Assassin's Creed Franchise: Assassins Creed 2 wa (More)
Destiny 2 - Festival of the Lost Review
I know this is a bit delayed because I missed a couple days either way this is my review of the festival of the lost in Destiny 2. Festival of the lost is the annual halloween event for the Destiny franchise. Sadly last year Destiny 2 did not get it' (More)
Overwatch: Return of Junkenstein's Revenge
October 9th marked the third year for Junkenstein's Revenge, the inaugural Halloween event for the hero shooter game Overwatch. Every year this event comes with the limited time event called Junkenstein's Revenge. It is a PvE (Player vs. Environment) (More)
Top 10 Games of All Time
Video games;  the best thing to ever happen to mankind.  They're loved by many, and I wanted to share some of my favorite games I've played along the way.  Of course, there are going to be some games missing from here that you might include, but I ha (More)
Destiny 2 - Corruption Week
Finally 21 days after the drop of Destiny 2's latest DLC named "Forsaken" the end game area The Dreaming City has reached its final stage of corruption induced by the Taken, an evil parasite corrupting the galaxy. Players everywhere finally got to wi (More)
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