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Gmod Rp Story
So last weekend I was bored and a couple friends and I jumped onto Gmod to mess around.  We stumbled onto a Hogwarts Rp server to just meme around and this is what happened.  This happened within like 30-35 mins and I didn't know what else to write. (More)
State of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
(I would put a pic of someone using hacks but it has guns and stuff that are kinda realistic so enjoy this sponge bob pic instead) So I don't really play a lot of (More)
Nvidia Geforce Now Review
So last weekend I was finally accepted into the closed beta testing for Nvidia's Geforce Now.  Geforce Now is a service that allows you to play games on good settings with high fps even if you have a bad computer or if you have a mac and you want to (More)
Dragon Ball Legends
Today i'm gonna talk about another mobile game, Dragon Ball Legends.  This game opposed to the other mobile game I did brawl stars, I have a lot more experience in it.  It is a 3d fighting game with the characters from popular anime series Dragon Bal (More)
O.W.L. Season 2 Inaugural Day
Overwatch League Season 2 started yesterday February 14th.  With the Start of OWL Season 2, 8 new teams join the veteran 12 teams from last Season including, Toronto Defiant, Washington Justice, Guangzhou Charge, Atlanta Reign, Chengdu Hunters, Hangz (More)
My experience with Overwatch Competitive
I've been playing Overwatch for multiple years at this point ever since the closed beta.  Over the past year my love for the game has diminished to the point where I don't really enjoy playing it.  Now when I play Overwatch it is to play my seven wee (More)
Borderlands 2
Recently I revisited a franchise that I really like when I used to play on the Xbox 360, Borderlands.  Back on the 360 I had the first Borderlands and when I began PC gaming I actually bought the 2nd installment Borderlands 2 but for some reason I ne (More)
Why I dislike Brawl Stars
So usually I don't cover mobile games but this new game Brawl Stars has been blowing up.  It is made my Super cell the same company who made two other extremely popular mobile games including Clash of Clans and Clash Royal.  Brawl Stars Super cell's (More)
First Time Playing Subnautica
As of this post I have about 5 hours on Subnautica.  Around 2 hours in Survival and 3 hours in Creative.  If you want to check it out for yourself the game it is free till the end of the month on the Epic Games Launcher, the same place you go to play (More)
Team Fortress 2 VS Overwatch (Comparisons)
Team Fortress 2 Released October 1oth 2007 by Valve Corp. Team Fortress 2 took the world by storm with Valves remake of the 1999 classic "Team Fortress Classic".  When the game was originally launched over 20 thousand players bought it on its FIRST (More)
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