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Autonomy: A Perk of the Job
What motivates teachers? The answer is in this classic Office Space clip ( Peter is looking for what every teacher is looking for: autonomy. Instead of having eight diffe (More)
Could Public Education be the Next Industry to Gain Corporate Sponsorship?
On February 1, 2018, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spoke with the Associated Press about their focus on schools. The article states, "U.S. education initiatives are a dista (More)
Facts about School Finance
The first American school finance laws date back to the Massachusetts Act of 1642 which required parents to attend to the educational duties of the colony's sons. While the law of 1642 had nothing to do with "school", it did state that parents and ma (More)
Presidents and Principals, Oval and Square Offices
The principal's office comes with a lot of authority and responsibility. It may not be the oval office, but in terms of finances, the differences are only in the shape of the office. Check out these responsibilities and see for yourself: The princip (More)
Composite Index Calculation: What the Jell-O?
As a former middle school math teacher, I always get a bit giddy when I see math being used to solve complex problems. It was no different when I was sitting in my Educational Leadership Finance lecture and learned about Virginia's composite index fo (More)
3 Tips to Avoid School Funds Fraud
In 2010, the chief financial officer of T.J. High of Fairfax County Schools, VA pleaded guilty to embezzlement. As recently as August 2017, a More)