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Sun Wukong soon settled into the calm way of the monastery, learning and meditating with all the other disciples. In his free time he would do whatever work needed to be (More)
~"The Santa Clause"~
IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME! That means its time to sit by the fire with hot cocoa, and a blanket while you watch a nice ol' christmas movie. And I have the perfect movie just for you. More)
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The raft did not reach land for several days, but the Monkey King’s determination did not wane. When he did finally reach a shallow point, he leaped off of the raft and (More)
The monkey soon grew control and began exploring the land. He lived off the plants that grew on the mountain and was able to befriend all of the wild creatures that roamed. Other monkeys lived there too, and they often relaxed and played together. (More)
==> begin.
This story is based off of Journey to the West. It is a rather interesting (if somewhat long) read, but a good summary can be found here (More)
If guys are into horror movies, then these movies are the one for you! Charles Lee Ray was shot by a Detective name Mike Norris in a toy store because Ray was robbing a bank. Just when he was about to die, he used black magic and put his own soul int (More)
The Amazing Spider-Man
If you guys love or are a big fan of superheros, here's one for you! The Amazing Spider-Man movie was made in 2012. The main characters in this movie are; Andrew Garfield (AKA Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacey), Rhys Ifans (Dr. Curt C (More)
Great Women in Books
In honor of International Women's Day, which was yesterday, March 8th, I've decide to highlight some of the great women characters in books. Hermione (More)
Book Review: Red Queen
Red Queen is dystopian/fantasy novel written by Victoria Aveyard. It follows Mare Barrow, a young woman who pickpockets for a living and is from the lower class area (More)
The Fun of Re-Reading a Book!
  Recently, I have began to read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, a book that I read about two years ago, and it reminds of the fun of reading a book (More)
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