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~"Young & Hungry "~
Young & Hungry  I thought the show Young and Hungry might be inappropriate but its quite the opposite with its funny characters and real adult problems. Once I started watching the show I couldn't stop, it has everything a good show need. Come (More)
~"The Notebook"~
The Notebook  I finally got around to watching The Notebook and let me tell you. I have watched a lot of sad movies, where dogs die, and people die and I have never once cried to a movie. EVER! I've been close to crying, but I have never ever shed (More)
A Star is Born
Over the snow day I saw "A Star is Born". This movie is rated R and is considered a drama/romance. This is the third version of "A Star is Born". It stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The story begins with Bradley Cooper performing at a concert as a (More)
~"Gossip Girl"~
Gossip Girl  Gossip Girl was such a good series with 6 seasons, and more than 120 episodes it is one of my favorite series that iv ever watched on netflix. I discovered this series maybe 2 years ago and I watched it everyday until I finished the e (More)
Jane the Virgin
Jane the Virgin is a serie about a 23 year old woman named Jane, who was accidentally inseminated by a specimen with a guy she had a thing with five years ago. That is Jane´s timeline was ruined.  Jane was taught by her Grandma that she can not lose (More)
~"Sierra Burgess is a Loser"~
Sierra Burgess is a Loser A netflix original movie Sierra Burgess is a Loser, is a Comedy-drama film that I think any teenage girls would enjoy. We all have that fantasy crush or person we like but never expect to like us back, but that isn't the (More)
~"Bird Box"~
Bir Box Bird Box is a netflix original film that came out December 13th, 2018. The internet went absolutely crazy over the movie, and the idea of it all. This movie is a Drama-Thriller that takes you on a heart pounding, edge of seat adventure. (More)
Who's better? Batman or Superman?
This has to be the 3rd time I have watch movie because I like it how it is. I saw this movie on my chromebook two nights ago. This probably has to be one of my favorite superhero movies yet. The action between Batman and Superman had for each other w (More)
Bird Box
I recently watched the new movie everyone seems to be talking about "Bird Box". This film is a netflix original, rated R, and considered a drama/thriller. It stars Sandra Bullock as a single Mom having to look out for her two kids, and keeping them s (More)
The Little Rascals
This movie was made in 1994. The male youngsters had a little club house of their own, where are no girls allowed but one little youngster named Alfalfa fell in love with a girl named Darla behind their buddies and they figured it out. Alfalfa wanted (More)
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