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The Little Rascals
This movie was made in 1994. The male youngsters had a little club house of their own, where are no girls allowed but one little youngster named Alfalfa fell in love with a girl named Darla behind their buddies and they figured it out. Alfalfa wanted (More)
I watched this movie over Thanksgiving break and it left me thinking for days. This sci-fi  movie “Jonathan” is about someone who has single body multi consciousness. There are two brothers living inside of one man, portrayed by Ansel Elgort. One of (More)
Bohemian Rhapsody is the new movie that shows the epic story of the band Queen and their lead singer Freddie Mercury. It begins with showing how Freddie meets the rest of the band members and then follows their career taking off. The movie highlights (More)
A Star is Born
This exciting movie came out at the beginning of October and has been a common source of conversation for over a month now.  This movie shows a very moving story about a famous male singer (portrayed by Bradley Cooper) who meets a woman in a bar (por (More)
Catch Me If You Can
This movie was a true story that was made in 2002. It's a movie for mature people and I recommend this movie a lot. This movie is called Catch Me if You Can. The main characters in this movie are; Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Mar (More)
The Amazing Spider-Man
If you guys love or are a big fan of superheros, here's one for you! The Amazing Spider-Man movie was made in 2012. The main characters in this movie are; Andrew Garfield (AKA Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacey), Rhys Ifans (Dr. Curt C (More)
Happy Sinking!
Everyone knows about the great disaster that struck the ocean floor on April 15, 1912. The Titanic was a new ship thought of to be “unsinkable” and was supposed to sail from Europe to the United States but obviously never made it there.  The ship hit (More)
An Explanation
High school is the worst. You have no time for anything, have to do everything, and then blamed for doing nothing. Not only that, but having friends is hard. You either have no classes with them or you're too busy to talk to them. Personally, I fall (More)
Friends and Spare Time
Lately, we have been missing a lot of days of school because of snow days and winter break. I saw them a lot during that time.  Although the time we spend together is great, there is weird tensions felt between each other. Many are talking behind eac (More)