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Ed Tech Cata-What?
Teacher comes to me, student in tow, explaining that the student was having trouble downloading images using the web site: (not in Catalog). ummmm, I say. But other teachers have used it in presentations, says she. Sigh, says I. So here's the thi (More)
As many of you know, my road here at LCPS is coming to the end.  Well, more accurately, it comes to an intersection - what will Roger's plans be after LCPS?   A colleague that I worked with many years (and models) ago, asked me the most (More)
Another Lost
An opportunity for a potentially fine product was lost today. Ironically, using this very blogging tool. It was a one-two punch. First, wireless connectivity. We have all been having trouble, and chasing down the circumstances leads me to the the (More)
Videos and the Practice of Motorcycle Maintenance
1. Earlier this year, I took my motorcycle in to get the oil changed. While waiting, I got into a conversation with the guy sitting next to me, who was extolling the virtues of a rigorous academic education with focus on Higher Education. I asked him (More)