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Week four of the Student Blogging Challenge
Hello, its Abby here, and today for week four of the student blogging challenge I’m giving you guys 6 things to look forward to now that halloween is over. 1 Thanksgiving: If you live in America, thanksgiving is the next major holiday. Who wouldn’ (More)
13 Random Question Listicle
It’s AC again, back with another listicle on my blog. Today I used this Random Questio (More)
QuaranTEENing: 3 Things That Have Helped Me
What a weird time in our history right now! Stores are jam-packed, schools are closed, students are stressed, teachers are worried, and government officials are making critical decisions. It’s a chaotic time right now, and it’s easy for your mental h (More)
Student Blogging Challenge #8
T-minus two days until Thanksgiving! Soon I’ll be riding in the car going to South Carolina!! I know for one thing I will be eating lots of pumpkin pie! So e (More)
All About Anna Claire (Pt. 2)
Hey guys! Long time, no see. I am currently stuck in my house with my family, just like everyone else. I’ve been keeping busy by writing and completing assignments, w (More)
9 Lessons I've Learned in Middle School
Wow, guys! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written on the ~blogosphere~. Luckily, I have a lovely listicle for you today. This listicle features all the le (More)
First Blog Post of 2020: Compare & Contrast
Hello everyone and happy 2020! Sadly, break is over and we are back to the grind at school. On a brighter note, we spent the majority of class this morning interview (More)
Blogging Challenge: Relfection
Hello people reading this it’s lovely to see you again, It’s that time of year again, the end of it. And that means, reflection on the year. But this is a blog so I should reflect on the blog, good idea, right? Okay, cool cool. This blog has (More)
Week Five of the Student Blogging Challenge
Hello there, it’s Abby and today I’m going to be showing you a song I wrote on garage band for Week Five of the Student Blogging Challenge. I had a really fun time making it, I used various instruments like the Guitar, Piano, Drums, and of course, my (More)
Week Eight of the Student Blogging Challenge
                                                                                                                   Hello, it’s Abby and for this week’s post I’m going t (More)
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