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My Student Blogging Challenge Reflection
 Greetings, my commenting-crowd and my blogging-buddies! My posting-people and my rad-readers! It has been a stimulating nine posts. Posts sharing my interests such (More)
Can You Guess the Disney Movie by the Emojis?
 Hello, my party-people and resolution-writers! My new-year-nerds and my confetti-community! Nature nerd here. Some say the new decade starts this year and some say it starts in 2021. Whichever you believe, I hope your New Year was filled with sparkl (More)
A to Z: My most stupid injury!
         I’m adventurous. I live on the edge, but that can be dangerous. If there is one exciting story that sums me up fantastically. It is this one. (More)
Christmas Overload!
Ho ho hello! I’m excited to be talking about my favorite holiday, Christmas! This post is going to be all about the 25th of December, so buckle up! There’s snow  telling what’s in store!    (More)
A Spookyyy Storyyy
  Deep in the woods of the dark and twisted trees. Deep in the woods of the foggy and misty air. Deep in the woods, lives beasts, so be aware; Though a (More)
Rising Dawn
Hello folks, Risad here! Today I wrote a story about survivor living in a post apocalyptic time. He questions ethics and morales of why does (More)
Final week of the stbc19
Hello folks, This is my last week for the student blogging challenge. So I've written a reflection, please have a look! If you participated, I hope you had an amazing (More)
Blogging Challenge- Week Seven
Hello everyone! Emma here, back for week seven of the Student Blogging Challenge. Can you believe we’re practically done with the challenge? My class skipped week six so we could work on something for the sixth graders in our school, but I’m here now (More)
DIY Holiday crafts
Hello, my grateful gobblers and my tinsel-lovers! My party people and my happy hoppers! Nature Nerd here. I love holidays! The excitement, the decorations, the costumes, the lights, the food, and the worry of scrambling around the crowded shopping ma (More)
Holiday and Festivities!
Hello folks, For the week seven student blogging challenge, I will be telling you about my Holidays. In my family, we would like to celebrate some holidays and festivities, but my parents and siblings are both workaholics. So, we don’t  get celebr (More)
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