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On Two Feet and Wings by Abbas Kazerooni
On Two Feet and Wings, is the true story of Abbas Kazerooni, a boy who is almost ten years old who is forced to leave his parents, his country, and all he knows to escape the Ayatollahs regime and the certainty of getting drafted and dying in war.  A (More)
A Child Called "It" by David Pelzer (trilogy)
What a heartwrenching book!! This is the story of David Pelzer, one of the most abused children in California's history.   This book is the first in a trilogy and in it David explains his life as a young boy growing up in a home in the 70's with an a (More)
The Year We Disappeared: A Father-Daughter Memoir by Cylin and John Busby
This is an unique father and daughter biography told in alternating voices between the two. The story is heart wrenching as the father, a police officer, has half his face shot off one night. He suspects who did it and since he survived, he and his f (More)
Elena Vanishing by Elena Dunkle and Claire B. Dunkle
Elena Dunkle and her mom tell the story of Elena's battle with anorexia.  This book is raw and honest, and does not sugar coat anything, thus at times making it difficult to read.  Elena's story helps one understand what it is like to live with anore (More)
Oogy: The Only Dog a Family Could Love by Larry Levin
This is a sweet story about Oogy, a dog that gets rescue by a family after being seriously injured during a dog fight.  You will fall in love with this not so typical dog.  He drools, he snores, he sleeps on tables, he steals food from the fridge, an (More)
A Man Named Dave by David Pelzer
This is the third book in an autobiographical trilogy detailing David Pelzer's life as a horrifically abused child to finding happiness and peace as an adult. Out of the three books, I liked this one the least. In the other two books, one could truly (More)
The Lost Boy by David Pelzer
In The Lost Boy, David's heartbreaking story continues as he enters his teen years and moves through the foster system searching for a place to belong and the love of a family that he so desperately wants and needs.  David's determination and spirit (More)
Spilled Milk by K.L. Randis
A glass of spilled milk was all it took for Brooke to finally speak up. This is a heartbreaking story of Brooke Nolan's courage to finally take on her father.  Brooke who is now a teenager has been sexually abused by her father since she was a little (More)