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WWDC 2019
Recently Apple held their World Wide Developer Conference, or WWDC. This is usually where Apple releases their latest versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS and announces some other products. The past WWDC’s have not been very monumental, but this (More)
AT&T’s Fake 5G is on iPhone
(Image Credit: Screenshot of Apple’s iOS 12.2 release notes) (Image Credit: Screenshot of a 5Ge logo in the status bar on an iPhone XS) AT&T’s 5G Evolution or 5Ge is now on iPhone. I covered this a previous post (http://blogs.lcps.o (More)
Apple Card
(Image Credit: screenshot from Apple’s YouTube channel) If you asked me what I though Apple was going to release at their March 25th event I never would have said credit card, but they did it. Apple has released their own credit card called Ap (More)
RIP AirPower 2017-2019
Apple’s charging mat is official dead. AirPower was announced in September of 2017 with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. It went alongside Apple’s addition of Qi wireless charging and was supposed to be an easy way to charge your AirPods, iPhone and Apple (More)
Apple Crazy Release Week
This week, Apple realeased a bunch of stuff. Apple really wanted people to pay attention to Apple. Many believe this is because they are finally releasing their streaming service (More)
WWDC19 Dates Announced
(Image Credit: Image included in the email Apple sent) Today, Apple finally sent out the announcement for their Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC. WWDC19 will be on June 3-7 in San Jose, CA and had an interesting theme in the email. Appl (More)
AT&T’s Fake 5G
  Image Credit: Screenshot from one of AT&T’s “just ok is not ok” commercials You may have recently seen one of AT&T’s “just ok is not ok” commercial. This is a recent ad campaign focused on AT&T’s recent announcement of AT& (More)
Update your iPhone to iOS 12.1.4 NOW!
Many people have been very scared by the recently Group FaceTime bug. This bug allowed to listen and watch anyone with Group FaceTime without them picking up the phone. This made many people very stressed out, prompting many people to turn off Fa (More)
Cord Cutting: What Streaming Device Should You Pick?
Many people have decide to cut the cord, and end their cable or satellite subscription. This starting to become more popular as services like Netflix and Hulu start to increase their range of content and live TV streaming services like DirecTV Now, Y (More)
Apple at CES 2018
In previous years Apple has not had a huge presence at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, but this year was different. It started off with a very large advertisement on the side of the Spring Hill Suite, pointing right at the bulk of CES, that say (More)
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