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5 of the Cheapest Travel Destinations in 2017
We can all agree that everyone loves to travel. Making new memories, letting loose, and having a great time. Why don't we travel more often then? The most common complain I hear is that it is too expensive. Here are some of the cheapest travel destin (More)
Bluemont, Virginia
Sunrises. Whether watching from my bedroom window, the pool during an early morning practice, or the top of a mountain, I never fail to enjoy the wide array of colors painting the sky. On the last day of 2017 I had decided to venture out into the (More)
Welcome to Terrific Travels!
I have enjoyed traveling as long as I can remember.  Meeting new people, seeing new things, and experiencing new cultures always gets me excited. I am always amazed at how beautiful the world can be.  I think that sometimes it's good to put down your (More)