Toll on Nurses

I sent my communication to Melissa Hebert, whom I interviewed earlier in my research process. I chose to send it to her because she represents my intended audience as a nurse practitioner. I targeted my communication to nurses because my topic is not well-known in the medical community. The purpose of my communication is to educate nurses about a condition, called compassion fatigue, and try to prevent the suffering that occurs due to this condition.  My rhetorical situation influenced my choice of genre because my topic is informative and is meant to be shared throughout the medical community. A google site provides an easy to use communication that is easy to share between peers. The google site presents the information is an easy-to-read format, so the reader is not distracted and is able to focus on the content. Some of the changes I made when producing my communication was to make it appeal to the audience by including bullet points and pictures to provide a visual to the content being processed. In my research paper, I used formal diction; however, in my google site I used more casual diction to personalize it  to the reader. For example, I start out by listing symptoms and asking if the reader has ever suffered from them.


The rush I get from being on the volleyball court is like nothing else. The pure emotion and energy buzzing throughout the gym is electric. This picture is from last high school season during the biggest game of the season, against our rival, Loudoun County. The pressure was on and my nerves were through the roof. I wanted to crush County more than anything else. 

We walked into County and immediately went into game mode. We got dressed in our uniforms and all sat down in the locker room. We all said goals that we had for the game and tried to forget about the last time we played them when we got crushed. As soon as the ref blew the whistle to start the game, the drive to win took over everyone on my team. On the sleeves of our jerseys, it says the words “hustle” and “heart”. Everyone definitely played with their hearts in this game and gave it their all. Our chaos crew was going crazy as we slowly started to take the lead. We won the first set, but County didn’t give up. They took the next two sets, but we took the fourth. This was the moment my team had been training for. All the sprints and conditioning was finally paying off. We were ready to play, but County was huffing and puffing. The fifth set began and the crowd was unbelievably tense.  After what felt like hours, we finally scored the winning point! I still remember what it felt like when the team rushed the court. Everyone was filled with pride because we did what no other team had done that season; we beat county. 

Volleyball has been an essential part of my life. It has become my outlet and a safe space. I’ve been playing since middle school, so not having practice and tournaments every week is going to be crazy. Thinking about high school season coming to an end makes me sad because there won’t be any more home games to run out for, or practice everyday after school with some of my best friends. I’m forever grateful for the impact volleyball has had on my life, and I will cherish all of the memories volleyball has given me.

An inspiration, Jimmy Buffett

Success is unattainable without ambition. Ambition is having the desire and intention to achieve your dreams. Without his ambition, Jimmy Buffett would probably just be a drunken sailor man with a good voice. He wouldn’t be the caribbean inspired singer legend that he is today. From obtaining a bachelor of science degree at the University of Southern Mississippi, to cruising the ocean in his nine boats, Jimmy Buffett has become one of the most well-known artists with his laid back, drunken-sailor persona.

James William Buffett Jr. was born on December 25, 1946 in Pascagoula. He grew up in Mobile Alabama and attended Catholic high school. In 1964, he went to Auburn University and then attended the University of Southern Mississippi in 1969 and obtained a bachelor’s degree. After college, he moved to Nashville to become a country artist,  then moved to Key West.

I grew up listening to Jimmy Buffett and have visited 7 of his Margaritaville restaurants around the world. I can always rely on his feel-good music to lift my spirits and relax. Along with his caribbean-inspired music, Buffett has been involved in some amazing organizations. For example, he is an honorary director of the Greenpeace Foundation, chair of the Save the Manatee Commission if Florida, and part of the Cousteau Society. He also created the SFC charitable foundation in 1995 and crusades on behalf of Florida’s endangered manatees. Being an environmental activist, Buffett incorporates his values into his music, to get his environmental message across to the world. Buffett is an inspiration to many because of his perspective on life and his environmental awareness. 

Advice To My Younger Self

My life has transformed over these past few years. There have been many happy times, and a fair share of sad times. I don’t regret anything in my life, so I wouldn’t tell my younger self to change anything drastically; however, a few tips would’ve been useful. Everything I have done, I had a reason for and I have learned and grew from each experience. The biggest piece of advice, however, that I would give my younger self would be to enjoy every moment and live in the present. I never would have imagined how fast the next couple years would’ve gone by. I would tell myself to spend as much time with my family as I could because, now, I only have one year left before I go to college. I would tell myself to let go of anger and grudges more quickly because I wasted precious time on irrelevant things. I would tell my younger self to be more adventurous and to try new things while I was young, with little responsibilities. I would tell myself to cherish my friends and family and not take time with them for granted.

I am beyond excited to start this next chapter of my life, however, I do think I will get nostalgic about my childhood. Now, a senior in high school, I have grown and figured out what is important to me. I learned that life is what you make it, and having a positive mentality is everything. I figured out what I want from life and who I want to be. While I wish I knew these points earlier in my life, I know that growing up and maturing was essential for me to figure out who I am. 


Importance of Childhood

This passage was fascinating to me. She started off with a somber tone, talking about how one day people become the ghosts from their childhood. This part threw me off because I thought to myself, “We’re still in our childhood, we’re not old enough to be our own ghosts”. The amount of description she used for the schoolhouse made it very prominent that this was her place of joy. What I found interesting, however, was that even though she got abused and had memories that tormented her, she still saw the schoolhouse as her favorite place. To me, this showed just how immense her love for reading and writing was.

Thinking back to my early childhood, the place I would equate Joyce Oates’s schoolhouse with would be the volleyball court. Though I never got harrassed, I had a love hate relationship with the sport. I would struggle with some aspects of the game, but it eventually became my safe space. Oates’s writing skills developed and she became a writer because of her passion. I relate to Oates in this aspect because I am passionate about volleyball and I have grown as a player throughout my childhood.

Everybody’s childhood has shaped them in some way to make them who they are today. Childhood is the time to have fun and try new things before you have responsibilities. Now, as we are growing up, I hope that we can cherish our childhood and that we won’t become our ghosts that once haunted us.

High School Object

One of my favorite parts of my high school years has been seeing different places in the world with my family. This picture was taken in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. This was one of my favorite days this past summer because we took an hour long hike up to many beautiful waterfalls. We jumped from the waterfalls and slid down natural rock slides. I’m very grateful I got to experience this and see this country with my family.This event reminded me of the saying, “The journey is long, but the view is worth it.” I want to keep this saying in mind through the college application process because, even though the applications are stressful, I know that college is going to be amazing.

When I look at this picture, I think of it as a path to anywhere. This picture represents my life because I am at the top of the stairs, about to begin my journey. I’m not sure where I am going to end up for college or in my life, so anything is possible. The bend in the picture represents the unknown because anything could be behind the rock. As I descend the stairs, I know that there will be slippery spots, but everything will work out in the end.

This picture can be applied to many different parts of people’s lives. Every part of your life is a journey, and the outcome is never certain. If you keep your mind open and go slow, anything is possible.

Organic Object- Cucumber

First day of english class senior year, and we write to an inanimate object. We regard it as a human and we ask how it feels, which is fascinating to me. We are asked to pick an organic object of our own and write to it. I created a bond with my cucumber. 

Oh cucumber, you are exquisite! You are a deep green that gradually fades to the green of fresh spring grass. So delicate, yet so robust. Your freshness is undeniable, so fresh it makes me feel new. Does it feel good to be so fresh? Does it ever get old, being so fresh? I know that one day you won’t be as fresh as you are today, sitting on my school desk.  

Writing to my cucumber made me curious about how it ended up in my possession, being used for an english project. I questioned the cucumber, like it was under investigation. Questioning is a good habit for life because you won’t find the true meanings of things unless you ask. Questioning is good for the mind and will allow you to gain more knowledge throughout your life. 

Cucumber, your beneficial uses for for this world are endless! What’s your favorite way to be used? In a salad? Over eyes of women at the spa? Or do you hope you’ll get turned into a pickle? I know you haven’t actually experienced any of this because you have been with me your whole life. You remind me of a quote my mom used to say, “A breath of fresh air is a great thing to take and an even better thing to be.” No matter what you turn out to be, you will always be a breath of fresh air. Oh cucumber, don’t look so sorrowful. I know your life hasn’t been what you once hoped as a new, fresh, baby cucumber. However, you are now the star of my journal and I will never forget you.  

Writing to my cucumber allowed me to express my ideas in a very unique way. This project challenged my mind to go beyond the writing that makes sense, and focus on something bizarre. The pressure to write well was alleviated, and I think that helped me write more detailed and raw. 

Oh cucumber, you still are exquisite!

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