My writing process knows no limitations. I prefer to express my thoughts with the freedom to write about what I feel is essential to the piece. Those initial thoughts and expressions are the foundation for the rest of my work. In concept 1.1, it is expressed that “the act of creating ideas, not finding them, is at the heart of significant writing.” This particular style correlates with mine in the sense that once I have been able to express my thoughts, I organize them into what will be crucial to the paper and what can be tossed. I believe that the best pieces are developed through creative thinking, established from expressing thoughts on a page. After the initial thinking and organization, I manufacture what will be the outline of my paper. I further develop my previous thoughts, and have a moment of “rethinking” where I essentially start from the beginning. I try different perspectives in which I could write said piece, and decide which fits the prompt. It is typically when I go back and switch up my focus that I am able to really delve into more serious thoughts and identify what it is I will be writing about. After I have fit my personal needs and standards, I then make alterations to my work to satisfy the needs of my intended audience. This is accomplished primarily through peer review and feedback. The information I gather from those helping me removes redundant words and phrases and adds benefactory criticism which creates a continuous flow for the reader. It is said in concept 1.2 that “such shifting and expanding understandings of audience and of the way writers interact with, address, invoke, become, and create audiences raise new and important questions about the ethics of various communicative acts and call for pedagogies that engage students in exploring their own roles as ethical and effective readers,” which ultimately means that it’s the ability of the writer to interact with the audience that truly elevates any piece to a fuller potential. 


My writing process knows no limitations. Its variations stretch across numerous styles, which involve rigidity within its structures: a curriculum to be stringently pursued. I prefer to write as I choose, looking at any piece with altering perspectives to ever enhance my ability as a writer to create a piece for not only the reader, but myself to enjoy.