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Instead of writing to officials in charge of deciding how athletic training is run on the high school level, I decided to send my blog post to none other than Marcus Owens, the school Athletic trainer. I felt that as a youth who no longer plays a sport at the high school level, my voice would not be heard; however, that of an athletic trainer would create a much larger reverberance. the one who I interviewed, he expressed great interest in what research is out there that concerns this subject. I informed him that I would be using the information to conduct an extensive research paper on the subject, and he requested  that I pass the information along once the assignment had been completed. I decided to create a Google Site, because its very accessible to myself along with other teachers in a high school and college setting. This particular style of genre can also be easily edited, allowing me to continue to research and alter this project in the future. I wanted to create a site that would allow me to spread my message without having to read the entirety of my essay. Its quick and compact, but hits each point I wanted to make. The navigation bars assign each section of research in a much more organized fashion, and the incorporation of visual representation was easily accomplished.

5 thoughts on “Genre Google Site on Athletic Training”

  1. Hi Casey, I liked how you switched it up a bit and wanted to talk about Marcus Owens, he is a great person. I liked how you explained why you used a google site because it will be useful in the future and could help you one day. I agree with you when you said that it is easy to access and if you want to continue on working with the topic you can edit the google site.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your communication. Your google site was very informative, and as an athlete, gave me some pointers to keep in mind. I think sending your communication to Mr. Owens was a smart more because he has a lot of connections in our community. Good job!

  3. This is a great website with a clear and concise message! I’ve always been suspicious of acupunture and firecupping being legitimate forms of treatment, but after this indepth history of atheletic training and sports medicine, I believe there may be more truth to the methods that I had once thought.

  4. As a runner who has been to the trainer many times, I know that your push to have more athletic trainers is right. Owens is always busy and sometimes it can take a long time to get treatment. I like how you had a page where you compared the collegiate level with the high school level.

  5. Your website is very well organized and hits the main points of your topic. I like the comparison between both college and high school athletic trainers. It gives me and more people a lot of insight into the world of high school trainers and why they might take longer in order to tend to other student athletes.

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