Organic Object

I wish to uncover your secrets through observations dear coconut. And although tempting, I will refuse to devour you, like a lion to its prey. It’s strange when you think about it. You’re hard exterior and thick skin hides the real you. filled with the soft tissues surrounding delectable waters within. You’re physique reminds me of that if a bowling ball. My family frequents the bowling alley as it is a means of escaping the stress that envelopes our everyday lives. A refuge from the agonizing societal norms. It becomes a place where we can be ourselves. I wonder if you can ever truly be yourself dear coconut. Is there more to you than just taste and tough exterior? These answers can only be obtained through one solution: coconut cream pie.

2 thoughts on “Organic Object”

  1. I liked your blog post and how you did your description. I have thought about coconut as a bowling ball too so I can relate. I also really liked you conclusion. I just think it would have been better if there was more writing because you clearly are a good writer.
    ~Good Job!

  2. What the coconut lacks in character, it makes up for in metaphors. I used the coconuts sweet and savory attributes to metaphorically express feelings that I have experienced to the past. By comparing it to a bowling ball, I am able to further analyze why it is my mind might travel there. Maybe the fact that I have spent hours of quality time with my dad there, who just so happens to share the same passion of coconuts with me? I can’t say for sure, but I can say that the coconut has definitely made an impact on me that I was not expecting.

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