Pursuing theater as a career


For my unit four project, I decided to take my research and turn the audience into parents of students who plan on pursuing theater both in and out of college. I know from personal experience how scared parents can be when raising a child who wants to go into the performing arts as a career. I chose to create a google sites that would give a brief summary of what the business of theater is really like and how they can help their child break into that career. I chose to create a google site because I thought that that it was an effective and efficient way to communicate to my audience. Because my audience of parents are presumably older, I tried to make my google site as easy to work as possible. Parents also like structure and professionalism, especially when it comes to their kids, so I thought that this would be an effective way to grab their attention and ease their minds. Because of this new form of communication and audience, I had to rewrite some of my original research essay to fit my audience. The google site is more informative whereas in the research paper I was learning new information myself.

Why is the school auditorium so freezing?

When you spend hours a day after school in the auditorium, the incessant cold air becomes exhausting. Cold does not seem to do justice to ridiculous temperature that is in the school auditorium. The arctic temperatures make it hard to focus on anything other than how cold you feel. If I feel cute in the morning and decide to wear a dress to school, God have mercy on my soul. I will proceed to spend the entire time at rehearsal shivering and so uncomfortable that I strongly consider taking laps around the school just to warm up my body. As a matter of fact, I am sitting in the auditorium as I write this. My fingers feel like ice cubes and my toes feel like frozen carrots about to be broken in half. I can’t make myself move because the thought of any extra cold air terrifies me. While I am sure there is some unknown reason as to why the school decides to keep the auditorium at arctic levels, from where I am sitting, it seems like a cruel ploy to punish theatre kids for doing their normal theatre kid thing. I fully understand the frustration with theatre kids! We are loud and obnoxious most of the time, but I do not believe we should be punished with the unfair temperature we are subjected to in the auditorium. I have had to start keeping a giant blanket in my car because I know that after school I will have to sit and freeze while I wait to go onstage.


Senior year: both extremely fast and dreadfully slow

Everyone always says, “enjoy your senior year! It goes by in the blink of an eye!” While this feels exceedingly accurate at times, it also couldn’t feel farther from the truth.

We are so close to finishing our years of spending hours a day in a concrete building learning about things we have little to no interest in. The shining light at the end of the tunnel feels so close yet so far. Everyday feels like a year. Yet, somehow, it feels like we were freshmen just yesterday. This quarter felt so long in the moment but the fact that it is already the end of October is mind blowing. We won’t get another first day of walking into Heritage High School. We won’t get another homecoming. We won’t get another Halloween at school or homecoming pep-rally. We only have a limited number of “roar prides” left. We only have a limited number of pride times left. The things that seemed so futile or annoying to us in the moment suddenly hold more weight to them because we know that we will soon say goodbye to many of the things we spent years of our childhood doing. We will soon graduate and leave our childhood homes behind.

In the whirlwind of college applications it is easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. These school days feel like a million years with the additional pressure of our imminent future hanging above us. However, it is insane to think about the fact that we only have 3 quarters left of high school. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.

College applications as an MT major

College applications are stressful enough on their own. Add a few more layers of prescreens, live auditions, unifieds, and an excessive number of schools and you get the complicated and exhausting process of applying to college as a Musical Theatre major.

While most of my peers will be done with college applications around December, I will have just begun the process. As a Musical Theatre major, I am required to send in a “prescreen” of me performing along with my regular application. After the college views that prescreen, if they like me, they will invite me to their school for a “live audition” where I perform against many other talented performers in hopes for acceptance into their prestigious institution. And of course, each college can’t simply have one version of a prescreen you send to all of your schools. Each school requests a slightly different version which you must all film and send to them in a timely manner. Even if you film the most wonderful video, you may not even get to audition live at the college of your dreams simply because they already have your acting type.

If you are lucky enough to get live auditions at many different schools of your dreams, you must spend almost every weekend of January – March traveling to these schools and auditioning for them. So while everyone is deciding on schools, I will still be auditioning and hoping for acceptance. Not to mention that these Musical Theatre colleges accept you based off whether they have someone like you or not so you must apply for over 20 schools if you want a higher chance of being accepted. It is certainly not like the “normal” college application process.

It is a grueling process for sure, but it is one that offers the biggest reward of it all. Hopefully, when I get accepted into a performing arts school I will be extremely happy with my choice.

Vulnerability in a College Essay

As high school students, we are always told to be the best version of ourselves and portray ourselves in ways where colleges would be interested in us and willing to accept us. Class ranking, GPA, SAT scores, and grades all must be at the top of their game to be worth any college’s eye. We are told to pick an essay topic that shows different facets of ourselves while maintaining a picture perfect image that a college admissions officer would find interesting. Vulnerability is rarely in the equation.

After reading this article, it is so refreshing to hear someone say that you do not have to present a perfect, “selfie” version of yourself to get into college. Opening up and showing your vulnerability shows people who you are as a person, not just what your grades are. Your vulnerability is uniquely yours because no one else has experienced the life you have. By showing a vulnerable side in your college essay, you are setting yourself apart in ways that others never can. Seniors get so caught up in trying to be perfect that they forget that colleges want to see who they are as a person and hear the stories that only they can tell.

High School artifact

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that Theatre has been my driving motivation for, not only high school, but the majority of my life. Last years musical, Mamma Mia must have been the most magical theatre experience I have had thus far. The way everything came together, the pure joy that came from performing it every night, the friendships that formed because of it, all of these things combined to make an unforgettable memory that I will hold with me for the rest of my life. The artifact from this show that holds a special place in my heart is the photo of me and the other dynamos all in our glittery disco outfits in their iconic “girl gang” pose. There is so much energy and happiness radiating from this photo that it really captures the essence of Mamma Mia and the spirit of the show that we put on. I have always been in love with theatre because of the way it brings people together, and that show was no exception. I know that many years from now I will look back on it as a staple of my high school memories. I am so grateful that I got the chance to be a part of something so special.

Organic Object Assignment

Being told to write about any organic object of your choice is quite an alarming task to be given on the first day of school. When walking into an english class, you usually expect to be extremely monitored in what you are writing and how you choose to write. In fact, there is usually very little “choice” when it comes to how you write or what you are writing about. Mr. Stephens immediately broke that stereotype when tasking us with this first assignment. To go to the store and choose any organic object to brainstorm and write about was so freeing it was almost overwhelming! 

My choice of this little old, brown, and mushy avocado started off as the least inspiring thing in the world. However, this little old avocado quickly transformed into a platform for my thoughts to run wild and eventually find themselves written on a page. 

The old, brown avocado was not the prettiest thing to look at. It’s mushy exterior clearly outlived its days of settling down on a guacamole chip right before being bitten into by an eager eater. How sad must it have felt to have been sitting on my desk with no vision of being eaten anywhere near his future. While other old fruits were being cut open and salvaged in any way they could be, this little avocado sat on my desk unable to fulfill his destiny of filling someone’s stomach. No one ever wants to salvage a gross looking avocado, that must really hurt their feelings. Although this avocado may never have imagined sitting on my desk as being his destiny, at least he found it in one way or another, which is a lot more than I can say for other old, brown, mushy avocados.