Speech Disorder Warning Signs In Children


My research was focused on speech disorder warning signs in children and how technology is affecting the cases and severity of speech disorders found in children today. I sent my communication to a daycare called A Kid’s Place in downtown Leesburg. I selected them because this daycare is tied to our community and affects the learning habits and manners of several children in the age range of which speech disorders develop. My rhetorical situation influenced my genre because for a lot of the teachers, it is faster to read something online than to have sit and click through a presentation or watch a whole video. The website is more concise and helped me to narrow down the most important information I could relay to teachers. I changed my diction to be more relaxed and shortened more of what I said in my paper to make it a quicker and easier read. I was also a bit more specific when it came to describing the disorders and what the teachers could do in classroom to help them, because I felt that those were the two  most important aspects of the website. I did this because if the teachers can identify if one their students potentially has a disorder then, they can see what works and what doesn’t work to help the student over time. Overall it should help the child and hopefully help the teacher find trends in what works and they can use that strategy with other students to help them avoid developing a speech disorder.





Ever since I started thinking about college and life after high school, I was only sure of one thing: that I absolutely had to get out of Leesburg Virginia. I have been ready to leave since the sixth grade, and I can’t believe that time has almost come. Don’t get me wrong I love Leesburg and feel genuinely blessed to have grown up here, but I seriously need a change of scenery. Having lived here all my life I feel cooped up and as if I have seen everything this area has to offer. I feel like I have been sheltered from so much of the good and ugly that this world has to offer. Which I understand can be a good and bad thing, but I feel that having certain experiences and seeing things with my own eyes are crucial to learning important life lessons and that can drastically affect the way I chose to live my life. I believe and pray that college I choose to attend, wherever that may be will be my saving grace. I have always looked at college as my opportunity to escape and experience something new. College will not only be a new home for me, but will have other great things in store, that I simply cannot wait for. Such as being able to take classes in my vested interest and career cluster, meeting new people, and getting a chance to study abroad. Needless to say I’m ready to graduate and go off to college.


The Power of a Shower

After a long day of school and work I am always exhausted and in need of a nap. Those several hours of grueling school work and dealing with the naughty kids at the daycare, leave me with no energy. I usually get home and the first thing I do is take a shower. It is the perfect break between school and having to do my homework or study. For me showers are therapeutic, they are so simple yet so relaxing. This mostly stems from the temperature;  it cannot be cold or lukewarm it has to be scorching hot. Something about standing in that hot water makes me feel like time is frozen. Which for me is huge because I constantly feel like there is not enough time to get everything I need done. I cherish my time in the shower because of this feeling. On most days it is the one time where I get to stop, take a deep breath, and not rush through whatever I’m doing. I would say it is one of the best parts of my day. Usually after I shower I feel so much better about school and just life in general. Taking a shower is such a refreshing action, and rinses away my literal and metaphoric dirt. My brain opens up and I become more mindful and self aware of my actions. Everything negative that was consuming my thoughts just washes away and gives me that glass half full mentality. The power of a shower is a real!


Apple Pie

With Thanksgiving right around the corner all I can think about is the food. Granted spending time to remind family and friends that you are thankful for them is awesome too, but for me the food is the main event.The mac n cheese, the fried chicken, the collard greens, but most importantly the pie. Something about the beautiful round shape and intricate lattice appearance calls my name whenever I’m near. I faithfully wait for the spread of desserts so I can cut myself a piece (more like several pieces) of pie. There are a lot of types pie are that I will settle on eating, such as pumpkin, blueberry, lemon meringue, and the list goes. But only one type of pie can satisfy my pie needs. It has to be apple. I don’t even like apples that much as a fruit, in their normal state they taste subpar. But when baked and combined with other ingredients, their flavor enhances. Call me basic but apple pie is a delicious classic. The buttery flaky pie crust that easily rests over the filling almost like protection. As if it wants to stay put together and prevent the inevitable cutting. The filling that lies underneath is warm and comprised of a synthesis of apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and sugar. Apple pie becomes especially mouth watering when a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream is served with it. I have been craving apple pie for a weeks now, but I have held myself back from buying one because I know that when Thanksgiving day comes, I will find that it has been worth the wait!


People Person’s Paper People

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m obsessed with The Office. I started watching The Office, the U.S. version of course, in the seventh grade. I binged the whole thing and finished it a short number of months later. Then, because it was so funny and clever, I decided to watch it again and again. I learned all about the characters, started memorizing lines, and even began to remember the order of the episodes. And even though I was several years late to the popularity of the show at its prime, I still bought a ton of merchandise. Which consists of shirts that say “Dunder Mifflin Paper Company” and “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica. I also have collected posters of the characters, and some Dundie Awards. The Office is the one tv show I could never get sick of and I think it’s because it introduced me to a weird sense of humor that I relate to. The whole show is a documentary for the characters but a tv show for the audience. It just follows regular people in their everyday lives, but the writers and actors produced a show that refrained it from being boring. It’s such a simple premise but for me it takes me into their world and is a great escape from reality. Watching The Office gives me peace and makes me forget about the stress of school, which can be a good and bad thing, but it keeps me sane in the midst of life. 


Organic Object

When writing about my organic object a lot of things were going through my mind. I was staring at a bag of strawberries trying to figure what I was going to write, what their story would be. I let my mind wander into abstract concepts and feelings relating every strawberry to person I made up, and making no two of them the same.

There are about 8 strawberries in the bag maybe more. They have been in the fridge and appear to have been breathing as white and water form where they meet the plastic. They vary in stem in shape and color, some are blood red and others near to the color dawn. Yet the seeds remain the same in all of them, yellow little nutrients that point down as if they were a school of fish moving purpose, trying to get the green stem not knowing they will inevitably never reach it.

I chose one strawberry to have its story retold, but it is currently sitting in my fridge. I remember it’s distinct qualities though, it was smaller than the rest and had a spot on the side of it that was ombre yellow to red. It reminded me of a sunset, which I rarely get to see anymore because I always sleep in nowadays.

Some people are like this strawberry. It sits in a bag full of water drops around yet feels lonely. But not completely because it can see what others cannot. It can pick apart others feelings and notice them when they no one is watching, yet can completely be out of touch with its own feelings. It’s an odd thing to be like this strawberry with qualities that are different than most others. Most of the others in their pursuit of happiness forget that others are observing naturally and unwillingly searching for microexpressions…..and happiness as well.


A06 and A07 Readings

The technique of using repetition in writing is more technical than simply just repeating words and restating phrases. I’ve known that repetition was meant to draw our attention to a word or phrase because the author was emphasizing it, but I didn’t know it was a skill for higher level writers. I can now see that variety in writing isn’t always the best thing because repetition creates order and has a greater effect on the meaning a writer is trying to convey. When reading the dialogue from Tony Kushner’s epic play I realized that people speak naturally in repetition to express themselves thoroughly and that we should write just as such.  Reading about the rules to repetition in Clark’s workshop book helps because after reading this and then writing I probably would just try to repeat myself, but I need to know that I have to work on creating my own effect and listening to my voice in writing.