Spring Break Eats!

Over spring break I went to Folly Beach, South Carolina.  It was really nice and the town was surrounded by great restaurants.  Some of my favorites were Loggerheads, Rita’s,  and Taco Boy.  We also went to a really nice biscuit place for breakfast one morning.  The place was called Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. They made the best gourmet biscuits and they tasted so good. I totally recommend trying this place for breakfast.

Image result for hot little biscuit

Thanksgiving Dinner

Over thanksgiving break I went to Denver, Colorado.  We only went to tour and look at the mountains, but my Mom’s stepbrother also happens to live there so we had dinner with his family.  I don’t really like thanksgiving dinner because like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a pretty picky eater.  This year on my plate, I had turkey, bread, stuffing, sweet potatoes and for dessert I had pumpkin pie. Everything tasted so good especially the stuffing.  I tried this new food that my uncle made and it was pretty much sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows.  It was delicious and I definitely recommend trying.

Image result for sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows                                                                                              Thanks for reading,

Jordan Briskman