Spring Break Eats!

Over spring break I went to Folly Beach, South Carolina.  It was really nice and the town was surrounded by great restaurants.  Some of my favorites were Loggerheads, Rita’s,  and Taco Boy.  We also went to a really nice biscuit place for breakfast one morning.  The place was called Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. They made the best gourmet biscuits and they tasted so good. I totally recommend trying this place for breakfast.

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Mom’s Birthday Breakfast

Over the weekend it was my mom’s birthday.  We went out to breakfast at silver diner to celebrate.  This was my first time going there in a while.  I got the Belgium waffles and some nutella on the side to spread on the waffles.  They were very good.  The restaurant is very cute and it looks like an old 80s diner.  They even have a jukebox at every table and all you have to do is insert a quarter to play a song. Overall I definitely recommend the restaurant and their waffles!!

My Favorite Dessert

My favorite dessert is crepes.  I’m not really sure if this would be considered a dessert or a breakfast food, but they are so good.  Unfortunately, there are not really any crepe places near us.  When I went to Colorado for Thanksgiving break there was a crepe place down the street from my hotel so I could wake up every morning and go get crepes for breakfast.  My favorite crepes are strawberry and nutella ones.  I like any crepe with chocolate and fruit though.  I’m not really a big fan of savory crepes like the ones with vegetables and salty foods.  Probably because once again, I don’t like vegetables.  One time I made my own crepes at home.  It took a while and they didn’t look very good, but they did taste good and that’s all that matters. Have you ever had a crepe? If so, what kind?

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Christmas Dinner/Breakfast

On Christmas Eve, my dad always make the best food.  This year he made us a nice steak and it was wrapped in bacon! On the side we had homemade hash-browns and green beans. The hash-browns were so good.  For dessert we had homemade pumpkin pie, it tasted delicious.  Every Christmas morning we have the same breakfast.  My mom makes us pancakes and waffles with bacon and eggs.  The meals were very good this year.  Let me know what you guys ate in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Jordan Briskman

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