NMD R1 Gum Soles

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Gum soles, something I would not really expect for Adidas to put on the NMDs. Honestly I think the shoe’s colorways are all great. Although they may be simple colorways I think that it allows for the gum soles to pop out. Also, for a reasonable price, $130 compared to UltraBoost which are around $200. I’m going to assume that these are going to be a GR, general release and anyone is able to get them. I think the shoe deserves a 9/10.

Nike x Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar a rapper known for his most recent songs, “HUMBLE”, “LOYALTY”, “DNA” on his album. Although he is a great rapper, personally the shoe itself I think doesn’t look that amazing. The sole of the shoe is not appealing, there are small details on the shoe that are hard to see since they match the color of the shoe. I think the shoe itself is a love or hate. I would rather purchase everything else in the colab rather than the shoe. Especially, the shirt, and the hat since based on the pictures it is 3M material. The shoe gets a 6/10 from me.

OFF WHITE x Converse

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We see another shoe OFF WHITE shoe collab except it’s not with Nike this time. Aesthetically I think the shoe has the key features of what I’d imagine a OFF WHITE shoe would have, lots of labels; “RIGHT”, “LEFT”, “SHOELACE” and much more. I think the collab overall is great but I wish it was with Vans because there had been a sample which I found was interesting. The shoe itself looks great except with the clear sole which I found is off setting. But, the shoe in general deserves a solid 8.8/10 only because I think that they should have changed the sole color and the upper shouldn’t be see through because I don’t want people to see my foot. Virgil, the owner of OFF WHITE may have intended for that look, but this is just my personal opinion.

The picture had been from SneakerNews.

Yeezy 350 Ice Yellow

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Earlier this year we had the “Semi Frozen Yellow” drop which many people found was a love or hate in my opinion. Although these two have similar names I think they are two different shoes. Especially the fact that they don’t have “SPLY 350” on the side of the shoe. From a first look its very simple and brandless except for the iconic ridges on the side to tell that it’s Yeeyzs.The shoes’ retail is 220$ and is releasing sometime in June 2018. Overall personally I think the shoe deserves a 8.5/10.

The picture originated from Sneaker News.

Sean Wotherspoon X Air Max

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The shoe is dropping March 26 for $160 and will be acquirable through the Nike SNKR app. Receiving the sneaker will be drawn on that app. Sean Wotherspoon is a known fashion person in the sneaker industry. Overall I think the shoe looks great and seems very fashionable and it doesn’t look like Nike made it. The shoe gets a 10/10.

OFF WHITE x Nike Vapormax

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Nike is releasing two new colorways of the OFF WHITE x Nike Vapormax sometime this February or March. Although we saw the Top Ten collection with many shoes we remember like, the Jordan 1s, the Vapormaxs, the Hyperdunks and the Air Prestos. We saw many people especially wearing the OFF WHITE Hyperdunks, such as Draymond Green and Devin Booker. The shoe is going to sell out quickly but, the resale value of it may not be as high because the Top Ten collection is very limited but dropping more shoes makes it have a lesser value. This is similar to the situation of Jordan and dropping to many Jordans but, on a smaller scale. The price for them is 250$ which is not surprising since it is a colab with OFF WHITE. So, the shoe overall deserves a 9/10.

The picture had been supplied from Sneaker News.

Michael Jordan’s free throw line anniversary

On February 14th Jordan will be droppin the Air Jordan 3 “Free Throw Line”. Recently Jordan have been dropping many iconic shoes dealing with events that we know of Michael Jordan, for example the Gatorade 6’s. If you are missing out on the Jordans dropping¬†shouldn’t miss out on this one. The shoe includes a clear sole including the image of the free throw line where Michael had dunked from.

feature image¬†Overall I think the shoe is an amazing pair that we need because many Sneakerheads loved the cement 3’s so why not get another pair that has a clear sole with more meaning? For the price of 200$ you may be able to resell this shoe for a lot more. This sneaker gets a 9/10 due to a clear sole won’t last long if you don’t take care of it so, you won’t be able to see the free throw line on the sole of the shoe.


The photo came from Sneaker News.

Adidas Futurecraft 4D

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Recently there had been a drop by Adidas of the Futurecraft 4D in which they use a 4D printed sole which spiked the interests of many people. Personally I think it is a cool concept that they are 4D printing a sole, but from what I see, I don’t think it will last very long based on its appearance. In my opinion these shoes are worth if you want to keep it on display because of its retail of 300$. From what I have heard they felt softer compared to other shoes probably because of the number of holes in the mid-sole allowing for it to be compressed easily. All in all I think the shoe is a 7/10 because of the hefty price tag and there are other shoes you can get for cheaper that are equal or better.

Jordan 6 Gatorade

My thoughts on this upcoming sneaker is that it is very similar to the Carmine 6’s which were released on May 24th, 2014. If you had missed out on the Carmine 6’s I would get this shoe, the only differences is that there is a quote on the back of the tongue “IFCOULDBE…” that quote is relating to the Gatorade ad and the kids wanted to be like Mike. Also the jump man is green and there is the Gatorade logo in the insole and lace lock of the shoe. Overall these would be a good alternative to the Carmine 6’s and I would give these shoes overall an 9/10 just because of the hints of green in the shoe but the concept behind the shoe and the little details make the shoe great.

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The picture had been from Kicks on Fire.

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