Michael Jordan’s free throw line anniversary

On February 14th Jordan will be droppin the Air Jordan 3 “Free Throw Line”. Recently Jordan have been dropping many iconic shoes dealing with events that we know of Michael Jordan, for example the Gatorade 6’s. If you are missing out on the Jordans dropping¬†shouldn’t miss out on this one. The shoe includes a clear sole including the image of the free throw line where Michael had dunked from.

feature image¬†Overall I think the shoe is an amazing pair that we need because many Sneakerheads loved the cement 3’s so why not get another pair that has a clear sole with more meaning? For the price of 200$ you may be able to resell this shoe for a lot more. This sneaker gets a 9/10 due to a clear sole won’t last long if you don’t take care of it so, you won’t be able to see the free throw line on the sole of the shoe.


The photo came from Sneaker News.

Jordan 6 Gatorade

My thoughts on this upcoming sneaker is that it is very similar to the Carmine 6’s which were released on May 24th, 2014. If you had missed out on the Carmine 6’s I would get this shoe, the only differences is that there is a quote on the back of the tongue “IFCOULDBE…” that quote is relating to the Gatorade ad and the kids wanted to be like Mike. Also the jump man is green and there is the Gatorade logo in the insole and lace lock of the shoe. Overall these would be a good alternative to the Carmine 6’s and I would give these shoes overall an 9/10 just because of the hints of green in the shoe but the concept behind the shoe and the little details make the shoe great.

Image result for jordan 6 gatorade

The picture had been from Kicks on Fire.

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