NMD R1 Gum Soles

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Gum soles, something I would not really expect for Adidas to put on the NMDs. Honestly I think the shoe’s colorways are all great. Although they may be simple colorways I think that it allows for the gum soles to pop out. Also, for a reasonable price, $130 compared to UltraBoost which are around $200. I’m going to assume that these are going to be a GR, general release and anyone is able to get them. I think the shoe deserves a 9/10.

Yeezy 350 Ice Yellow

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Earlier this year we had the “Semi Frozen Yellow” drop which many people found was a love or hate in my opinion. Although these two have similar names I think they are two different shoes. Especially the fact that they don’t have “SPLY 350” on the side of the shoe. From a first look its very simple and brandless except for the iconic ridges on the side to tell that it’s Yeeyzs.The shoes’ retail is 220$ and is releasing sometime in June 2018. Overall personally I think the shoe deserves a 8.5/10.

The picture originated from Sneaker News.

Pharrell Williams x Adidas nmd

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At a first glance of this shoe I think it’s very unique because compared to the other shoes he has made a collab with adidas they all seem very simple due to their color schemes. It may seem hard to rock this shoe, but I think that it is very easy if you wear basic clothing and let the shoe stand out on its own. I am not to sure about the release date but it is going for $250 and I think it is worth it. It may be a slightly expensive shoe to some but you can resell it. Overall I think the shoe is a 9/10.

Adidas Futurecraft 4D

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Recently there had been a drop by Adidas of the Futurecraft 4D in which they use a 4D printed sole which spiked the interests of many people. Personally I think it is a cool concept that they are 4D printing a sole, but from what I see, I don’t think it will last very long based on its appearance. In my opinion these shoes are worth if you want to keep it on display because of its retail of 300$. From what I have heard they felt softer compared to other shoes probably because of the number of holes in the mid-sole allowing for it to be compressed easily. All in all I think the shoe is a 7/10 because of the hefty price tag and there are other shoes you can get for cheaper that are equal or better.

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