Month: May 2018

OFF WHITE x Air Jordan 1 “UNC”

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We see another collaboration with Nike and OFF WHITE, in my opinion I think that this release gives more opportunities to be able to secure an OFF WHITE shoe. For example, the drop of the black and white vapor maxes. I think the color way is nice but, there should be less collaborations between Nike and OFF WHITE. The price of the shoe is $190 and should be expected to release at June 9th. The shoe overall deserves a 8.5/10 because I think he could have changed something that made it differ from the other shoes he had made previously.

NMD R1 Gum Soles

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Gum soles, something I would not really expect for Adidas to put on the NMDs. Honestly I think the shoe’s colorways are all great. Although they may be simple colorways I think that it allows for the gum soles to pop out. Also, for a reasonable price, $130 compared to UltraBoost which are around $200. I’m going to assume that these are going to be a GR, general release and anyone is able to get them. I think the shoe deserves a 9/10.

Nike x Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar a rapper known for his most recent songs, “HUMBLE”, “LOYALTY”, “DNA” on his album. Although he is a great rapper, personally the shoe itself I think doesn’t look that amazing. The sole of the shoe is not appealing, there are small details on the shoe that are hard to see since they match the color of the shoe. I think the shoe itself is a love or hate. I would rather purchase everything else in the colab rather than the shoe. Especially, the shirt, and the hat since based on the pictures it is 3M material. The shoe gets a 6/10 from me.

OFF WHITE x Converse

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We see another shoe OFF WHITE shoe collab except it’s not with Nike this time. Aesthetically I think the shoe has the key features of what I’d imagine a OFF WHITE shoe would have, lots of labels; “RIGHT”, “LEFT”, “SHOELACE” and much more. I think the collab overall is great but I wish it was with Vans because there had been a sample which I found was interesting. The shoe itself looks great except with the clear sole which I found is off setting. But, the shoe in general deserves a solid 8.8/10 only because I think that they should have changed the sole color and the upper shouldn’t be see through because I don’t want people to see my foot. Virgil, the owner of OFF WHITE may have intended for that look, but this is just my personal opinion.

The picture had been from SneakerNews.

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