Software Development in the Future

I sent my project to one of Mr. Stephens’ fellow friends who is currently in the computer science field and has extensive experience with his subfield of study. He is most likely familiar with many computer languages and understands how important they are for software development and design.

I decided to make a google site because I felt that communicating this problem in the software development field could be done in an organized and effective manner. I was easily able to make the presentation visually appealing and factual/informational to get my point across in an interactive, yet exciting way. With this presentation, I was able to communicate in a way where I identified not only problems but how they can be fixed. I didn’t do this in the essay, as it just stated the problems with the software development field in the future and how useful the C programming language really is for developers to know. In addition, I used the pronoun you in my presentation, as if I were communicating to Mr. Stephens’ friend directly because of how he is my intended audience. My presentation wasn’t necessarily more informal/formal than my essay, although I tried to add more formal programming terms in my presentation because of his understanding of these expressions.



Vintage Mercedes

Ah the Mercedes-Benz company, famously known for making the luxury and sought-after cars, known for producing cars with comfort and intricate features, and known for powerful and well-built engines. I find Mercedes vehicles attractive and powerful as they can accelerate in a short period of time and turn countless heads from around the block. My dad owns an older Mercedes. It’s of gray complexion with aggressive-looking headlights, chrome handles, and dual exhausts. Under the hood of the car is a robust V8 engine, which produces almost 400 horsepower! The car can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in about four and a half seconds, which is absolutely absurd in my mind. Despite the car being made in 2007, the features that are present in that sedan are complex for its time of production. Being in the car as it accelerates feels like a rocket ship that is being shot up into space. Whenever I’m the passenger in the car, I can enjoy either a smooth ride around town or an explosion of power in an exhilarating experience. 

The other day, I was blessed to be able to test-drive my dad’s Mercedes. I was nervous at first, but as the experience lasted longer, I felt confident and excited to test the power of the car. My dad and I drove casually around the city but we decided to go to the highway. When we reached the highway, I was going about 60 miles per hour until I decided to “gun it” by applying hard force on the accelerator. Seconds later, I was flying down the road with my head spinning from the high G-force of the Mercedes as it was accelerating. This was a thrilling moment because I have never driven a car with so much power. I will remember this moment forever because of the satisfaction that I gained by driving this powerhouse vehicle, known as the Mercedes E550.


Pie Shop

Dear ladies,

Hello fellow ladies, we are the pie shop downtown that you may or may not have heard about. We have a variety of unique pies that will suit all you, guaranteed. Whether you prefer the classic apple pie or wildy exotic dragon fruit pies, we have many pies that are custom made and hand-crafted to perfection. Speaking of our apple pies, this pie will make you beg for more after finishing. Whether you cherish apples or not, you will enjoy the classic granny smith apples we use. These particular apples are hand-picked at a private farm near Leesburg. We ensure that our apples and other ingredients are in the freshest condition before cooking. These apples have a glossy green shine, a round curvature, and a sweet, succulent taste. The taste of these apples is a bitter-sweet tang that mixes well with the other ingredients used. It makes the pie sweet, although the sweetness is controlled with a bitter flavor. We have constantly strived to improve our recipes based on our customer’s reviews. Our ingredients are integrated into our pie recipes to suit all of the customers. We read over 500 reviews every day to improve our little shop and our recipes. After each day, whether our customers liked our pies or not, we change up our recipes minutely. Our crew would appreciate if you ladies would stop by our shop to enjoy your favorite pie. If you do stop by, we would recommend the original apple pie because it’s the first pie we have made and it has an unforgettable taste with a flavor explosion in each bite.

-Downtown Pie Shop

Vulnerability in College Essay

Applying to colleges, a process that is highly stressful for many high-schoolers around the globe. Standardized tests, transcripts, and an important college essay usually are required for these applications. Years of hard work and writing essays lead to this point. Speaking of essays, I believe that being “vulnerable” in an essay means that a student opens up freely in their essay, allowing their description, diction, and beliefs to reflect on their personality. A college essay should reflect on one’s personality and talents because it gives the admission officers an idea of how somebody is in person. By hearing the word “vulnerable”, it may sound like a poor way to write an essay, although to show the admission officers a well-written essay, one must open up in their piece. They don’t expect high-schoolers to write literature as sophisticated as William Shakespear’s, rather they are looking for essays that are different from the rest. The idea of “vulnerability” applies here because the students that are the most “vulnerable” usually write the best college essays because of their ability to include elements in their essay that reflect their writing style, interests, and much more. Even if somebody’s personality isn’t expressive, it’s critical to write expressively in an essay. These officers have seen so many essays throughout the admission season including essays that were written from the heart and mind and essays that were written in a few hours. Essays that intrigue them are ones that truly make these officers feel that they spent the day with the writer, getting to know them throughout the essay.


Ah, childhood, the time where kids could all just kick back and relax. A time where kids had very little responsibilities to attend to. A time where hours felt like seconds and days felt like minutes. Quite frankly, my childhood had a plentiful collection of memories. Although, my trip to Hawaii in 2013 was a journey that I will remember for the rest of my life.

When my family and I arrived in Hawaii, the setting was glamorous. The weather was hot, although it wasn’t like overwhelming, rather it was a comfortable blend of warmth. Coconuts were present on trees, which I never saw prior to the trip. We were surrounded by water, which captivated me because I realized that we were truly on an island. Throughout the trip, my family and I did various activities. We went parasailing, snorkeling, swimming, attended a luau and drove up a perilous road to watch the sunrise. I found Hawaii a true paradise to reward myself after a long, extensive school year. This was a time where I hung out with my dad and my two sisters as we were enjoying our summer.

The most memorable activity on this trip was our drive up a perilous road to see the sunrise. I remember waking up around 4am exhausted, but I got up and treaded to the car with my family. While driving, we encountered a road that looked beat up. It looked like it a road straight out of a horror movie. No guard rails were present on the sides of the extensive road. For miles, it extended up in a spiral pattern with each mile traveled being more dangerous than the previous. Unfortunately, my sister Sarah and I fell asleep during the drive, but my sister Ayanna and my dad took on this dangerous quest. I can recall hearing the fear in them as they traversed through the road. When we reached the summit, I saw the most beautiful sunrise. This sunrise reminded me of a pastel drawing that I saw in an art museum a few years ago. Hawaii was my favorite vacation because I did many activities but most importantly, I got to spend time with my family as my childhood was slipping away from my reach.


High School Artifact– 2019 Sister’s Graduation

High school graduation, perhaps one of the monumental accomplishments in one’s life. Years of hard work, perseverance, and discipline are required to get to this point. Countless hours of dedication and focus on school are needed as well. This graduation was highly anticipated since school started the previous year in August. My sister Sarah was about to start a new chapter of her narrative. Anyways, graduation took place on June 10th, 2019, the graduating class was lined up in a single-file line like soldiers in the army. Some of my friends were at graduation, anxious to see their sibling on the big stage. When the event started, families in the stands erupted like fans at the NBA Finals during game seven. After hearing speeches from guest speakers, the valedictorian, and the salutatorian, the diploma ceremony occurred. During this time, these rising college students were joy-filled as their name was called up to the podium. Every time a student got called up, families around the gymnasium roared with excitement and exhilaration. Students of all types, including ones with disabilities, were called up on the big stage as well. This caused everybody’s faces to light up with elation as the crowd gave them standing ovations. However, the most important name for me was Sarah’s. As my family and I heard my sister’s name, we yelled at the top of our lungs and recorded her moment. As she walked on the stage, I could discern a vivid smile on her face as she realized that she finished her secondary education. At this moment, flashbacks of us as kids hit me faster than I could have expected. All the memories that we had together were flowing in my head like waterfalls. Although, I couldn’t have been happier that day to see Sarah continue her path to success.

Organic Object

I was confused as to why I had to write about an “organic object” when I was told to write about an apple. Although, after writing analysis and observations about the Granny Smith apple throughout a couple weeks, I quickly learned that writing about the apple was helping me understand the importance of this apple and concepts of writing. At first, I had little to say, but as the entries went on, my observations about the apple became more expressive and creative.

I wrote about how the fruit was prestigious although you may still be wondering, what makes this fruit so special? How is the Granny Smith any different than any ordinary apple? The apple truly is magnificent. The apple has a vibrant green color is reminiscent of the color of the fresh-cut grass in a 10-acre garden. The apple has a texture is similar to the exterior of a brand new Lexus. Its shape is round like a ball that is thrown around with a boy and his dad. The apple has the taste of sweet cotton candy at the carnival. This apple has a crisp and subtle taste like a potato chip. The freshwater drips from the apple, indicating its freshness and worth. This magnificent fruit has a prestige that makes it America’s favorite fruit for a good reason. The light reflects beautifully off the apple, creating a polished shine. I picked this apple not because it was the only fruit I could find, but because it possessed a vibe that intrigued me. 

Although many may say that an apple is not human and doesn’t deserve to be written about, I believe that writing allows us to express how we feel about an object and how we can connect to it. The apple may not be human although it has a beautiful color that I adore as well as a delicious taste. I can connect to these aspects of the apple by writing because they interest me. In conclusion, I learned that writing is a beautiful thing in today’s world because it allows us to connect to anything that has a purpose in our everyday lives.


Repetition Reading

By reading A06 and A07, I learned that repetition is a critical component in writing because it’s used to emphasize a point by the author. According to A07, “Repetition gives texture to conversation and dialogue, lending dramatic literature the feeling that real people speak in a real-world:”. This quote states that repetition adds important meaning in literature, similar to how repetition is used in conversations today. In Elie Wiesel’s Night, the phrase “Never shall I forget” was repeated to stress how internment camps affected Wiesel’s life and well-being. In A06, the author stated that repetition and patterns have a correlation with each other. A pattern is created through repetition in literature, music, or any work. I agree with the author’s correlation because when repetition is used in work, a pattern can be easily recognized by the reader. In conclusion, repetition is indeed a powerful writing mechanic, as it can reinforce important points in a given work.