Dental School Debt

I sent my website to Jeffrey Lombard, he runs his own orthodontic practice in Leesburg named “Legacy Orthodontics.” I think that he would be able to understand what my goal is through this website due to the fact that he went through 4 years of dental school and 3 years of orthopedic training. Due to his success and extensive connections with other dental colleagues, Dr. Lombard could use this website for new orthodontists or for educational purposes for those who may be interested in pursuing dentistry in the future.

Due to my rhetorical situation, I concluded that a website would be the most efficient genre because it is easily accessible by anyone. Since my audience consists of individuals working in dentistry, this website would be an easy way for them present the topic to their coworkers, especially those who just started working in dentistry, and be a good tool for the general public as well, since it informs anyone who is interested in a future dental profession with insight of what they will be exposed to and how they can combat it.

My rhetorical situation also influenced the way I presented my genre because I wanted it to be more direct and straightforward than the approach I took on my research paper. I formatted my website this way so that it could cover all the topics for my intended audience in a simple and forthright way while being intriguing and uncomplicated for anyone outside of the intended audience. Furthermore, I decided to keep a lot of the main points from my research paper as a foundation in my website but continued to add on to the information in a way helps the general public be informed of the situation I am addressing with my research. I also intended to assist and guide anyone who may be hesitant of pursuing dentistry from all of the problems addressed in the website by including a solutions page. This solutions page offers various ways to get rid of or pay off educational debt from dental school and reassure those of interest in dentistry that dental professions are not held down by educational debt.

The Washington Wizards

Wow, another loss. The Wizards lost their last regular season game against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday. It seems as if this franchise has been beaten to the point that it is now a joke. I still remember watching Wizards games as a kid and seeing their star point guard, John Wall, get past almost all of the opposing teams defenders and finish the play at the basket with an acrobatic layup or dunk. But, of course now John Wall is gone because he injured himself after “slipping and falling” in his own home. How does someone do something that careless one may ask, if I knew I would would tell you. I still remember the days when the Wizards would have a legitimate chance of making the playoffs instead of having to struggle to barely win 30 games. Even with the hopelessness brought on by their continuous losing last year, I would turn on a game with the hope that maybe something will change with their overall play, but of course it never did. Even the coaching staff has given up at this point, evident through their posture and facial expressions during the game. Usually I get very frustrated when watching the Wizards play this year, so I usually try to transition over to watching the Redskins play on Sundays, but of course that is much worse. It seems as if being a basketball or football fan for D.C. comes with a curse, a curse of constant losing. Even when one of the teams seems as if they have hope of making it far into the postseason at the start of the year, someone almost always gets injured or they fall just short of making a good run in the playoffs when playing a better team. It is very unfortunate that D.C. has a very good MLB and NHL team and that I only enjoy watching basketball and occasionally football. Even other subpar NBA teams that I watch seem to have more hope for future success than the Wizards. It has come to the point where lately I have just started to hope that the Wizards will intentionally play poorly the whole year and potentially have a good opportunity of landing a good draft pick the following year. I have considered becoming a fan for another NBA team in the past but have never had the dedication to follow through with it: Maybe I should. 

The future

It seems as if every day from now until the day I begin working, all I can think about is my next four years in college. Even though I know what I want to study, I find myself sitting down for hours and worrying about the future and the risks that are associated with higher education. What if I do not like the subject I major in and it becomes too late to get another major? What if I do not get into the graduate or professional schools I want to attend after my four years? These and many more questions seem to constantly float in the back of my mind. However, I am starting to realize that these worries will only get worse if one does not understand the true purpose of going to college: self realization. This concept is the idea that an individual is able to fulfill themselves by maximizing their own potential through their personality or character. College is a time period where this concept should influence every student and their decisions and help open their eyes to what their calling is. All of the schooling we have been taught up until now has been designed to teach us superficial or even the minimum required content that colleges need to look for for their overall decision of whether someone is a strong applicant or not. We have barely had any experience with hands on or interactive learning that could actually help a student determine what they absolutely enjoy doing. Because of this lack of specific learning, I think that it is more common for high school students to answer “I don’t know” when asked by a family or school faculty member of what they want to study in college or even when asked what they want to do beyond those four years. This is why I believe that college can be a wonderful place for anyone who has any worries or doubts about their future to take a step back and answer the big picture question painted by their individual hard work and the support offered by that four year institution: “What do I want to do?” It seems as if most high school students have this enormous academic weight on their shoulders forced on to them through a society which enforces that college is so competitive that they have no other choice but being one of the best in their class or maybe through parents that have gone to excellent colleges themselves who demand that their children study at top tier universities. No matter where that weight on your shoulders comes from, it seems that we have lost the idea which has been carved out by outside influences. This idea should help students realize the true meaning of college and motivate every student’s future college decisions: every student is in control of how they spend and enjoy the rest of their life through finding their true potential.


Organic Object Diary Entry

My breath is depleted as my heart is pounding out of its chest. I did not think that a vegetable could sweat but the newly forming water on my body seems to say otherwise. I have been running for too long from these kitchen appliances and as I sit here and furiously write in the corner of the refrigerator drawer, I hope that this entry makes a difference for all other organic objects. Rumors have been spreading of how I will be boiled in scorching water for soup or dipped in ranch and eaten alive. My days are numbered anyways now that my orange surface is turning somewhat brown. The malevolent and gigantic monsters that have been chasing me have already taken all of my friends alive. I wonder if they would even want me now if I was found with the multiple brown spots over my body or if they would just toss me out like an outcast. Near the corner of this frigid and rectangular prison cell, I found two brown colored dips that I could use to spread over myself. I opened the one container labeled “Hummus” and tried my best to spread the slimey and oddly smooth substance over my body. I struggled opening the second container labeled “Nutella.” I used all my strength and ended up having to squeeze in between the wall of room and the cap of the container until it finally twisted open. Once I mixed the two substances across my body evenly, I made sure that it had just the right appearance on the white reflection from the tiny bit of light that breached into the refrigerator and stretched across its inner white walls. I figured that if I had a chance of being tossed away, I at least die peacefully in the silence of a trash can than the horrid ways in which the gigantic alien-looking monsters would use my body. Now as I slowly slide my back down the frozen wall of the refrigerator, I see the slight light from the sunrise brought in through the tiny hole in the corner of the refrigerator drawer and understand that in a couple of hours the decision concerning my fate will be decided. I hope that this injustice against fruits and vegetables like us will end with the publication of this grim yet truthful journal.

“Your College Essay Isn’t a Selfie”

I am very glad that we were able to read this essay showing us the stress that the college application process brings with it and the numerous aspects of our lives that admissions officers want or do not want to see. This topic that was introduced to and taught to us was able to help me with the writing process for applications in so many ways. Before I started taking this class I had no idea that talking about your vulnerabilities in your paper could speak wonders to the admissions officer(s) reading it. As I read Rodov’s writing, I realized that writing about vulnerability made sense and was actually much more enthralling towards the elements of the essay than just plainly listing one’s accomplishments. Growing up, we are taught in school to chase perfection and to always steer away from failure. This constant need for “perfection” that Rodov talks about in her essay ends up putting students in a vicious cycle where if they encounter failure within their lives (whether they be in high school or college), it is extremely overwhelming for them. What most students don’t understand about failure is that it helps one adapt. It makes you learn from your mistakes and become smarter and more agile when put in the same situation you were when you last failed. So what better to talk about in your college essay than a time where you failed? Both the applicant and the admissions officer know that the applicant has encountered some kind of failure within their lives at least once; what they want to know is how the applicant dealt with the failure. The admissions offices want to see that you as an applicant acknowledge your mistakes and what ways you were able to gain from the failure you described. I am thankful for the fact that we were actually able to read about this topic and discuss it in class in the same time frame when students are starting their applications. This insight about including vulnerability in one’s college essay not only hopes me with my application for college but it also enhances my writing overall. Writing about vulnerability gives the author such a wide range of elements to pick and choose from to ameliorate the reader’s experience.


The echo that runs around the walls of the gym as the leather covered ball bounces repeatedly on the hardwood floor seems to always take my focus away from anything that was bothering me before I stepped onto the court. The yelling and hollering of a diverse number of people seems to fill the gym as I watch the game at play. As I take off my worn off raggedy running shoes, I reach in my bag to grab my black Air Jordans that seem to glisten at the first glance of light. After I lace them up, I grab my ball to get a feel for it before I start shooting. The rippled exterior runs across the surface of my palm as I attempt to align my fingers with the grooves of the ball and flick the it into the air. Basketball: the sport that has changed my life. I still remember shooting around on my driveway while imitating fancy dribble moves I had seen in NBA games like it was yesterday. The game of basketball has taught me so many valuable life lessons that will help me throughout my life. It has taught me to accept defeat, to never give up in the face of a challenge, how to adapt to certain situations I am not familiar with, and so much more. Along with helping me learn through a variety of experiences on the court, basketball has also opened up new avenues for friendship along the way. Many of my friends today play or watch basketball. The reason I love the game of basketball is because you are very similar to an artist. The ball is your brush and the defender in front of you is your empty canvas waiting to be filled; however, how you paint the canvas is always your choice. Over the years I had decided to play house league basketball with my friends. This experience has been one of the best of my high school career. Nothing compares to the feeling of being able to win competitive games with the people I enjoy being around the most. Whether it’s outside or in a gym,  the game of basketball has always been beside me through thick and thin and hopefully will continue to guide me through life.

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