May 10

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Recently I’ve been debating about getting cable. Cable feels so old fashion though, and it’s more of a luxury now a days. Like honestly you’ll go bankrupt if you don’t pay attention to them bills. I got Netflix which is honestly really cheap it only costs about 120 pesos a month. Also yes that how I roll I like to invest in different countries for the long run. What makes me mad though is Netflix is adding a whole dollar to the subscription starting in June. That may not sound like much at first but do the quick maths. Your paying a whole subscription and a half more a year, imagine how many millions they’re racking in over just a dollar. I’m outraged I want justice. I don’t even watch tv, i’m too busy nowadays.

May 2

la llorona

This movie was simply amazing. La llorona a classic Mexican legend meaning nothing more in English but than the weeping lady. I remember my grandmother scaring me to the bathroom when I was a little kid.  The story I was taught is that she’s a life like ghost almost like a curse, accept she is a curse. She fell in love at a young age in a small Mexican village. She had two little boys, ages 2 and 5 but her love didn’t approve of them. She did what any normal mother would do and drowned them in a river to try to win back her mans love. The guy thought she was insane and abandoned her, she regretted it so bad it later led to her death. Kids are taught that if you don’t behave with your elders la llorona will appear and take you as her own to compensate for her missing kids. She shows up crying in a bloody wedding dress wearing white makeup to cover up her bruises. For me this movie was 10x scarier because I could relate to it at a far more personal level. The only thing I don’t like is it took place in LA not in a small village like the true legend. This is one of the few movies I suggest anyone to watch, it has the perfect mix of horror and culture. I give it a 1/10.

May 2


This movie had way too much hype. Everyone was talking about it months before it even came out, and honestly there was no point. It was decent and by decent I mean pretty bad compared to other marvel films. I’m not too much of a superhero fan, and going into endgame the only superheros I knew were Thor and captain america. Apparently it’s about to make top 10 movies in history, I don’t care for that I’m just stating the facts. It made a ton of money I remember reading an article the day it came out in China, just the first 10 hours it made over 100 million. 100 million just let that sink in. I’d drop out of high school with that type of cash. I’d live in a barbie mansion living the dream life. No but in all seriousness that’s a ton of money even for a movie. Me personally the movie was alright, maybe you’ll like it more. The three extra long hours it took made it no justice. I went to the bathroom way too many times to count. I’m still recovering from that exploded bladder.