March 22

Peer Pressure Kills

Today, ahhh today Friday 22 of march 2019 I’m going to watch a movie. I was telling my people to watch the Lego Movie but sadly it’s out of theaters, I’m really mad about that. Our only other option was 5 feet apart starting at ten, I don’t think my parents are going to be to excited I arrive home at one but it’s fine. If you see an amber alert out for me just ignore it. I gave into peer pressure and now I must pay by watching 5 feet apart. Not the worst consequence but not the best, they should at least pay my ticket. I could just not go but I risk being exposed, and trust me I’m good. What’s one movie anyways am I right? Like how bad can it be? I might just invite everyone to my place and rent a movie. It will honestly be better and cheaper. Instead of all of us paying over one hundred dollars combined we can rent a movie for like ten. The best part is free drinks and food, stuff at the movies is so overpriced. I hate it, one bottle of water is six dollars with that amount of money I’m six dollars closer to moving out!

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2 thoughts on “Peer Pressure Kills

  1. 844021

    Movie Theater food is overpriced, I guess they really want you to spend so they can get easy cash grabs. Because they don’t allow you to bring you rown food to the theater. Nice Post!


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