March 14

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Recently I’ve really been digging the new Lego movie that came out like a year ago. I’m only joking, it’s  disgusting and if you like it well RIP, and even if I did i’m too busy for it. I have like a whole month planned already and none of that includes a movie. Honestly I have no clue what I was thinking or what i’m going to do. I’ll probably just stay up till four in the morning watching a weird movie from the 1900’s. Stay tuned because that’s gonna be an adventure! Anyways nothing really interesting has been happening. School has got me more jumbled up than jambalaya, like fo reals I’ve missed five days this month and my grade has fallen faster than an egg from a chicken. Pretty sure that’s gonna impact me in the future but, oh well It was important what I had to do. It wasn’t really but still. The school system just annoys me, why if your absent for a valid reason don’t they give you more days to turn in work? I get due dates are due dates but come on. Someone can literally be paralyzed in the hospital and some teacher would remind them, “Don’t forget that your thousand word essay that’s due tomorrow!”, it just shocks me. If I was that kid paralyzed and stuff and a teacher told me that I would honestly just tell the hospital staff to kill me now. Stuff like that makes me think that some teachers don’t care at all about what happens to you after your out of their class.

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  1. 844021

    yeah, I agree. It isn’t fair to give someone a bad grade just because they had a good reason to be absent that day and couldn’t do it.


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