January 24


Yet another movie I have no clue why I spent my money on. I’m not a fan of comics nor superheroes in my opinion they’re silly and non necessary, but yet I thought it was a good idea to go out and watch Glass. I have no words to describe how bad it was, the ambiance of the movie with the setting being in the mental hospital made it seem very boring. I don’t know about you but me personally I don’t like when the main setting of a movie is a room full of white, doesn’t sound very fun. That’s not the only thing bad with it, I didn’t understand any of the plot and it seemed the movie had no moral or lesson. Just to give you an idea of how bad it was, Mr. Glass the main character of the movie didn’t talk till the last ten minutes of the movie, yeah it was really bad. The only interesting part was the fight which was a total of two minutes out of the extraordinarily long two hours the movie took. Would I recommend this, no unless you like feeling like you’re in a mental asylum. I rate this movie 2/10 simple.

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